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Academic Partners

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences is an example of successful international partnership in education. Since its founding, the work of the first liberal arts program in Russia has drawn the attention of many Russian and foreign educational and research institutions, cultural centers and, charity foundations that support our project.

Thanks to their generous support the Faculty has acquired the reputation of an important center for research, regular seminars, and many other joint projects.

Bard College (NY, USA) is the Faculty's main academic partner and a leading American liberal arts college.

Bard College currently boasts 50 academic programs, from philosophy and advanced mathematics to painting and the history of cinema.The Department includes renowned artists, writers, and public figures from around the world, working alongside academic experts and scholars.

Today Bard College is distinguished by its innovative programs and constantly evolving curricula in the arts, literature, and social and natural sciences. Bard's bold initiatives in education and cultural programming have earned it a Leading position in the cultural life of the state and country, as well as the support of numerous foundatios, government agencies, and private individuals.

Thanks to the breadth of knowledge they acquire at Bard, graduates of the College find success not only in science or the arts, but also in business, government, and finance–anywhere that requires a creative approach and unconventional solutions.