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The following principles are the foundation of the Faculty's  curriculum:

  • the combination of discipline-oriented and interdisciplinary programs
  • student’s freedom to choose their own educational path–each student constructs an individual academic plan in  accordance with his or her interests, the requirements of the chosen program of concentration and the curriculum as a whole
  • instruction in small groups (usually no larger than 15-20 people) with primary attention focused on the critical discussion of texts
  • the combination of a broad education and a  the student's in-depth  mastery of his or her chosen program of  concentration
  • the combination of theoretical disciplines and practical training.


Graduates of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College) receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from both St.Petersburg State University and Bard College (New York, USA). The St.Petersburg State University diploma confers the qualification of  "Bachelor" and the Bard College diploma "Bachelor of  Arts."

In order to receive a diploma indicating graduation from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences a student must complete the following requirements:

  • study at the Faculty for no less than two years, allowing for  the transfer of no more than 60 credits (or 120 ECTS credits received in a another institution of higher education)
  • completion of requirements of  both the  program of  concentration (majors) and the overall curriculum