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Mathematics and Computer Science. Introduction to Mathematics

The course provides an introduction to the stratum of classical culture, which is impossible without the development of the search for hidden order in the chaos that surrounds us. This relates both to areas of natural science and the humanities. The course material is selected in such a way that in a very limited time, students are able to achieve the following: learn the basics of analysis, algebra, geometry and probability theory as a basis for further successful development of mathematical methods in economics, sociology, computer science, cognitive sciences, and complex systems theory. The course also aims in students in the humanities an unconventional way of understanding reality. Based on these objectives, the presentation of lectures will be implemented as a synthesis of theoretical and practical training. The material is designed for undergraduate students and does not involve mathematical knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: MATH_D_101


  • Rodin Andrey

Profile Complex Systems

Semester: Fall

Complies with general requirements: Yes

Course Type: General Course

Language: English