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Foreign Languages

The foreign language program at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity to attend the courses of English, German, French, Italian and Arabic languages. This program is a non-graduating one, i.e. is not a BA major, although mandatory study of a foreign language at the 1st year is a part of the curriculum for all the students. At the 2nd–4th years the students have an opportunity to continue studying a language chosen at the 1st year or to study another language. Language instruction is based on original programs applying authentic education materials and modern technical devices in the specially equipped rooms. The classes are held in small groups, and students are distributed among groups according to the test results. When the course is completed, the students obtain a complex of knowledge and skills necessary for cross-cultural communication in different situations occurring in day-to-day, social, professional and cultural life. For delivery of practical language courses and courses in history, culture, and literature of a respective country, qualified native speaker teachers are employed. Good language skills allow the Faculty graduates to pass international certificate exams and participate in international education programs, including the MA programs in American and Europe's Universities. The Concept of European Language Portfolio and academic standards, put forth by this document, constitutes the basis of the foreign language program.