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International Political Economy

The course International Political Economy is an interdisciplinary course, focusing particularly on international economics and international politics.

The discussion of theoretical approaches to the study of international political economy will be accompanied by discussions during which students will apply this theoretical knowledge to the analysis of various issues of international politics and economy.

The aim of the class is to expand students' understanding of the world politics and economic issues. In addition to reading the assigned texts, students are recommended to monitor publications and news relevant to class topics on a regular basis.

Students are strongly encouraged to study and use the information and publications available on the Internet sites of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development which currently act as major research centers that focus on international political economy.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: ECON_E_300

Profile Economics

Taught this semester: No

Complies with general requirements: No

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English