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America uncut

The course examines several burning problems of contemporary life, history and culture of the USA on the basis of materials published in American newspapers and latest books in the field of American studies. The title "America Uncut" is explained by the fact that it analyses materials written by Americans themselves. These people – politicians, writers, political scientists, journalists and ordinary Americans- express their opinion on numerous sore problems of American political and everyday life frankly and honestly, without trying to make the general picture more pleasant or more attractive.

We will be studying materials which are written on the basis of up-to-date –news, literary works, poetry and prose, as well as the examination of numerous video materials. We will also examine and analyze materials written by Russian politicians and journalists which will create a foundation for a meaningful and well-grounded discussion.

The course aims at improving the students’ skills of reading and analyzing texts on political issues in the original, improving the skills of adequate expression and support of their own point of view, formulating their interpretation and concept of the problem, either suggested beforehand or appearing in the course of the discussion in the classroom. We will study how to observe the rules of ethical participation in the discussion and how to express your point of view correctly lexically. Also analyzed will be the best examples of oratorical art and rhetoric of the USA and English speaking countries, all of this aims at forming a permanent interest in the political history and culture not only of the USA, but of other countries as well.

Analyzed in the classroom will be the following problems: Globalization and Americanization, the American Dream Today, American Heroes and Anti-Heroes, American Ways of Life, Political Correctness, Watergate and Other "Gates", Hollywood: The Place Where Your Dreams Come True, Feminists and Feminism, American Charity, American Art and Culture Today: Icons and Idols.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: HIST_E_201

Profile History of Civilizations

Taught this semester: No

Complies with general requirements: No

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English