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Nationalism in Theory and History

The course includes interdisciplinary theoretical reflection (sociology, anthropology, and political theory) on the phenomenon of nation-state, national identity and nationalism and historical inquiry into the context of emergence of nationalism as a powerful historical force in modern history. Theories of nationalism produced in different intellectual contexts (Western Europe and the US, post-colonial critique) are combined in this course with historical inquiry that places nation alongside empire, which was the context of the rise of modern national identities and movements. The historical inquiry is organized by cases and stresses the following themes: sovereignty, international order, citizenship, migration and minorities, collective rights and human rights. The historic-geographic coverage includes Western Europe, Central Europe, Russian and Eurasia, Third World. The course is recommended for students of the social sciences and humanities.
Requirements: Students are expected to be familiar with General Modern European history survey or Global history survey.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: PS_E_300

Profile International Relations, Political Sciences and Human Rights

Taught this semester: No

Complies with general requirements: No

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English