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Post-Humanism in Art

Is a human’s life actually invaluable? How the post-modernist philosophy and culture represents life after death, and the meaning of life in today's media and culture? And whose life will it be – zombies', bodyless souls', or survivors?’ After all humanity will perish (as it is so often suggested by today's fictional works and philosophy). The course provides an outline of the history of art and music in relationship to the philosophical problem – the end of humanism in Western mind. The polemical statements and debates of philosophers, musicians, painters and artists will intertwine with the discussions and analyses of different works of art, related to the range of the main topics – the universal catastrophe, the obliteration of the entire humanity, spiritual misery, the Holocaust, and the various problems of post-human society, such as the self-identification of robots, postantroposcene life of the objects and memory. Works of art, brought to the audience from numerous international exhibitions, examples of bio-art and of contemporary music and artistic pursuits, and the classical compositions of Russian and Western composers, who described traumatic realism and apocalypse, will be displayed, analyzed, and discussed.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: ARTH_E_204


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Semester: Spring

Complies with general requirements: No

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English