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Russian Art of the XIXth Century

This course aims to present a new concept of artistic life in 19th century Russia, with "icons" and "modernity" being considered not as certain neutral temporal limits, but the as real extreme possibilities that continued their extratemporal existence throughout the century, however not ending with it and remaining actual even in the present situation, being the main intrigue of Russian art history. Thus with a reference to what normally seems to be long dead and gone, especially if one takes into an account a constant weakening of Soviet mythology of the "great realistic art" – in this country, since elsewhere it have never exerted any influence – this course aims to reveal certain general principles of what may be vaguely termed a Russian enlightened consciousness approached from the viewpoint of the visual arts. While it is also hoped that a seemingly unique sociopolitical situation here may all of a sudden let Russian art illicit more similarities than differences with the western art not excluding that of the USA.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: ARTH_E_302


  • Sablin Ivan

Profile Art History

Semester: Spring

Complies with general requirements: No

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English