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Comparative History of Europe

The aim of the course is to provide an outline of European history from the fall of Rome to the fall of Constantinople, with a strong comparative focus. The idea is to compare Eastern and Western parts of Europe in political, economic, demographical and cultural respects. The focus on a comparative dimension provides a possibility for a deep knowledge of historical areas and periods. Instead of merely memorizing facts, names and events, this presupposes general understanding of a historical process, for which one needs to apply social and political concepts, relevant for a particular time and place. Each class will be taught in mixed lecture and seminar form, with a strong emphasis on the analysis of primary sources and discussion of mandatory literature. The classes will also provide additional video materials for discussion. The final essay will be an individual research on the topic, chosen by a student. Students also have a possibility to make an oral report on the topic of their final papers in order to receive feedback from the instructor and other students.

Credits: 6/3

Course ID: HIST_D_105

Profile History of Civilizations

Semester: Spring

Complies with general requirements: Yes

Course Type: Elective Course

Language: English