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Academic Mobility

Participation of the Faculty's students in exchange programs has become an accessible and popular way to broaden one's own education experience. First of all a study abroad program provides access to new educational resources–courses and research projects, and it also allows for the improvement of foreign language skills. In addition to this, studying at an institute of higher education abroad provides an opportunity to meet new people and experience a different culture. The Faculty's students are able to spend a semester in a university abroad according to their choice without interrupting their course of studies at St.Petersburg State University.

There are two formats for the exchange of students:

  • First, there are student exchange programs based on bilateral agreements between SPbU and foreign universities. These programs are open to students from all of the University's faculties and departments. The University also provides students with the opportunity to participate in major international student exchanges such as Campus Europae, Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window, FIRST, Santander Universities, and other regional programs. Further information on the University's exchange programs is available at the website of SPbU in the "International Affairs" section.
  • The Faculty’s students are also able to participate in exchange programs within the framework of bilateral agreements between SPbU and foreign universities–partners of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These programs are open only to the Faculty’s students.

For more information on student exchange opportunities contact Student Mobility Office: Ekaterina Borisova (58-60 Galernaya Street, room 340); e-mail: e.b.borisova@spbu.ru; tel.: +7 (812) 324 0772.