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BA majors

Cognitive Studies

Program of concentration "Cognitive research" is addressed at training specialists in one of the most advanced and rapidly developing areas of modern science.

Complex Systems

Program of concentration is producing under natural science block and includes a variety of areas: econophysics, neural network modeling, multi-agent systems, nonlinear dynamics, fractals and chaos, and others.

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of the program of concentration is to prepare professional programmers as well as young scientists who plan to continue their education in the field or to apply their knowledge and skills in other areas.


Program of concentration is paid to the formation of the profile of a student's basic knowledge of economic theory, in particular toolkit microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Film and Video

Program of concentration "Film and Video" is devoted to research of cinema, as well as its modern filiation (video, media).

Art History

Program of concentration in Art History aimed at training art of different areas of expertise (historian, theorist, critic, expert, and curator).

History of Civilizations

Program of concentration "The History of Civilizations" provides training in one of the oldest, but always important science–history.

International Relations, Political Sciences and Human Rights

Program of concentration "International Relations, Political Science and Human Rights" prepares future political scientists and experts in the field of civil society and international relations.


Program of concentration "Literature" helps students acquire the basic skills necessary to critics, journalists, editors.


Program of concentration offers students a variety of strategies for self-realization in the field of contemporary socio-cultural and artistic space.


Program of concentration "Philosophy" prepares humanities in the broadest sense of the word, able to understand any phenomenon of the modern world.

Sociology and Anthropology

Program of concentration is focused on the analysis of various problems of modern society, understanding of Russian reality in the context of the social changes taking place in the country and in the global world.