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Boborykina Tatiana

Associate Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Field of Languages and Literature, Ph.D. in Philology (kandidat nauk)

Tatiana Boborykina delivers courses in Literature, Theater and Cinema (her dissertation: "Oscar Wilde's Drama"). She studied at Oxford University, UK, was a visiting Professor of Russian and English Literature at Szeged University in Hungary and delivered a course of Russian Literature at Bard College, NY in USA.

She is a literary consultant for a number of professional motion pictures, among them "Mournful Insensibility" (after Bernard Shaw's "Heartbreak House") 1987, and "Whispering Pages" (after "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky), 1994. Professor Boborykina is the editor and translator of various publications of English poetry; the author of a book on Dickens The Artistic World of Charles Dickens's Christmas Books in Russian (1996) and in English (1997), the author of a number of essays on Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and others.

She is the editor (with Annotations and Introduction in English) to the book Boris Eifman. Ascendance, published in Russia in 2005. Her essay "Boris Eifman's Theater Enigma" is included in the "Collection Theater and Performance in Eastern Europe: The Changing Scene", published in America in 2008. Her survey "Dickens in Post Soviet Russia" is published in "Dickens Studies Annual" (NY, 2012). She also publishes essays and reviews on Boris Eifman ballets in Russian and foreign periodicals. Articles about her performances within her "Literature and Theater" courses are being published in various newspapers and magazines.

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Boborykina Tatiana