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Chernysheva Maria

Associate Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices in the Field of Arts, Ph.D. in Art History (kandidat nauk)

Research and teaching Interests: French and Russian art, mimesis in visual art, orientalist painting, representation of history in 19th century painting, 19th century visual culture, art and politics.


  • Mimesis in Visual Arts from Greek Classic to French Surrealism: Textbook. St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg State University, 2014. 392 p. [in Russian].
  • Manet. St.Petersburg: Belvedere, 2002. 120 p. [in Russian].

Selected Articles

  • The Finished Painting as a Conceptual Draft. To the Issue of the Genesis of Historical Genre in Russian Art. In: Die Welt der Slaven. 2017. No.1 [in Russian].
  • Album Turkestan. Sketches from Life, by V.V.Vereshchagin. In: Cambridge Central Asia Reviews. 2016. Vol.1. Issue 2.
  • Baudelaire on Makeup. Poetics of Anti-Ruin. In: Bulletin of Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. 2016. No.2. Vol.2 [in Russian].
  • "Paintings of the Imperial Hermitage Gallery" by Charles Roettger: To the Issue of the Early Photographic Reproduction in Russia. In: Bulletin of St.Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. 2016. No.4 [in Russian].
  • Paul Delaroche’s Works from the Collection of Anatoly Demidov and Their Significance for the Russian Artists of the 19 Century. In: Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art. St.Petersburg, 2016. No.6 [in Russian].
  • The Battle Paintings of Vasily Vereshchagin and Horace Vernet in the Context of Rhetorical Confrontation of Russian and French Imperial Ambitions. In: Bulletin of St.Petersburg State University. Art History. 2016. No.3. Issue 15 [in Russian].
  • The New Formula for Representing a Historical Event in the Painting of Jean-Léon Gérôme and Vasily Vereshchagin. In: The Crossroad of Arts. Russia – the West. Papers of the Faculty of History. St.Petersburg, 2016 [in Russian].
  • A New Take on the Phenomenon of Realism: The Photographic Project of the Painter Vereshchagin and General Kaufman. In: Ab Imperio. 2015. No.4 [in Russian].
  • Quatremère de Quincy on Mimesis. A Classical Concept in the Neoclassical Theory of Art. In: Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art. Collected Articles. St.Petersburg, 2015 [in Russian].
  • "The Deserted Squares" of a Big City: a Look by Baudelaire and Meryon. In: Charles Baudelaire & Walter Benjamin: Politics & Aesthetics. Moscow, 2015 [in Russian].
  • "The Russian Gerome?" Vereshchagin as a Painter of Turkestan. In: RIHA Journal. 2014, September.
  • The Town Square as a Socio-Political Topos in the Works of Baudelaire and Degas. In: Bulletin of St.Petersburg State University. Art History. 2014. Vol.15. No.2 [in Russian].
  • Is It Necessary to Beat the Poor? Baudelaire – Proudhon – Courbet. In: Debates on Politics and Culture. 2013. No.6 (92) [in Russian].
  • The Muse and Museums of Gustave Moreau. In: Romance Collegium. 2009. No.2 [in Russian].
  • On the Famous Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud. In: The Russian Imperial Court and Europe. Dialogues of Cultures. St.Petersburg, 2007 [in Russian].
Chernysheva  Maria