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Fokin Sergey

Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Field of Languages and Literature, Doctor in Philology

Sergei Fokin was born in 1959 in Oktiabrskiy village, Ivanovo region. In 1979-1985 he studied at the Faculty of Romano-Germanic philology of Ivanovo State University, then worked as a secondary school teacher of the French language. In 1988-1991 he studied at the post-graduate course at the Chair of History of Foreign Literature, Faculty of Philolgy, Leningrad State University (V. Balakhonov’s school of thought), in 1992 defended his candidate’s dissertation on Albert Camus’s «philosophical novel».

In 1994-1997 S. Fokin studied at the doctoral program of St. Petersburg University. In 1994 he published a critical anthology «The Tanatography of Eros: Georges Batailles and French thought of the 20th century»; in 1997 completed the first Russian translation of «Inner Experience», the main philosophical work of the writer. In 1998 he defended his doctoral dissertation on George Batailles’ works and literature of his time.

Since 1993 he has been translating the works of French writers and thinkers (F. Alquier, R. Antelme, A. Badiou, G. Bataille, M. Blanchot, G. Deleuze, J. Derrida, M. Leiris, P. Lacoue-Labarthe, J-L. Nancy, M. Merleau-Ponty, J-P. Sartre, M. Surya, A. Robbe-Grillet), wrote publications on history of literature and translations for such periodicals as Voprosy Literatury, Zvezda, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, Logos, Russkaya Litertura, Seans, Siniy Divan, in the scientific journals of St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, Voronezh State University, Ivanovo State University, A. Pushkin Leningrad State University and collections of scientific papers of some French universities and French journals («Critique» and «Multitudes»), and in Serbian periodicals «Stil» and «The Third Program» (a special issue «The Russian Theoretical Scene»).

Since 1994 Sergei Fokin has been employed at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances, in 2000 he became a professor and in 2005 founded the Chair of the Romance Languages and Translation of the Department of Humanities of the aforementioned university and became its head. He is also an editor-in-chief of the periodical of interdisciplinary academic works Romanskiy Kollegium (6 issues).

Since 2002 S. Fokin has been a professor of Smolny Institute (at present – Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg State University) and delivered courses in art, literature, French Philosophy, literary translation school.

The Scientific Conferences Organized by Sergei Fokin

  • History and Philosophy of Translation in Russia and France in the 20th century (2011)
  • The French Idea of F. Dostoevsky (2011)
  • Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin: Poetics and Politics (2008)
  •  Jean-Paul Sartre in Present Time” (2005)
  •  Image of Russia if the French Literature of the 20th Century (2001)
  •  Literary Avant-garde in Political History of the 20th Century (1999)

Invited Lecturer at the international symposia abroad

  • Charles Baudelaire in the world (Sorbonne, Paris, France, 2011)
  • Russian Philosophy Today: On Art and Politics (Department of Philology, Belgrade University, Serbia, 2011)
  • Translate, Write and Publish: Russia-France (Amiens, France, 2011)
  • Reading Camus’s “Notebooks” (Western Catholic University, Angers, France, 2010)
  • Intellectuals: Power and Literature (Sorbonne, Paris, France, 2010)
  • Mutual Criticism of Literature and Philosophy (Tubingen, Germany, 2010)
  • The Traces of a Translator (National Institute of Oriental Languages, Paris, France, 2008)


  • Dostoevsky’s Figures and Apparitions in French Literature from vicomte de Vogüé to Claude Simon (is currently prepared for publication)
  • The Casus of Philosophy: the Debates (2011, co-authored with A. Dragomotschenko and V. Savchuk)
  • Passages: «Essays about Baudelaire»
  • Russian Idea in the French Literature of the 20th Century (2003, Leroy Beaulieu Award of the Embassy of France)
  • «Philosopher-outside-Himself: Georges Bataille» (2002, Award of the St. Petersburg Philosophical Society)
  • Albert Camus : Novel, Philosophy, Life (1999)
Fokin Sergey