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Kireev Maksim

Professor, Department of the Problems of Convergence in Natural Sciences and Humanities, Doctor of Biology
  • Deceptive but not Honest Manipulative Actions Are Associated with Increased Interaction Between Middle and Inferior Frontal Gyri. In: Frontiers in Neuroscience. 2017. Vol.11 (co-authored with A.Korotkov, N.Medvedeva, S.Medvedev, R.Masharipov).
  • Changes in Functional Connectivity Within the Fronto-temporal Brain Network Induced by Regular and Irregular Russian Verb Production. In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2015. Vol.9. No.36. P.1-10 (co-authored with T.Chernigovskaya, S.Medvedev, A.Korotkov, N.Slioussar).
  • An ER-fMRI study of Russian inflectional morphology. In: Brain and Language. 2014. Vol.130. P.33-41 (co-authored with T.Chernigovskaya, G.Kataeva, A.Korotkov, S.Medvedev, N.Slioussar).
  • Possible role of an error detection mechanism in brain processing of deception: PET-fMRI study. In: International Journal of Psychophysiology. 2013. Vol.90. No.3. P.291-299 (co-authored with A.Korotkov, N.Medvedeva, S.Medvedev).
Kireev Maksim