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Manulkina Olga

Associate Professor, Department of Theory and Methodology for Teaching Arts and Humanities, a Head of Music Criticism MA Program, Ph.D. in Art History (kandidat nauk)

Olga Manulkina is an Associate Professor at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, where she teaches courses on American music, Contemporary music theatre and Baroque opera as well as History of Western music. In 2014 she has also joined faculty of MARCA program at the European University in Saint Petersburg. Olga Manulkina is the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed quarterly journal Opera Musicologica. In 2002 Olga Manulkina was a Fulbright scholar at the Graduate Centre of the CUNY. She is a member of the Saint Petersburg Composers’ Union (from 1999 to 2014 – a member of the board), of Pro Arte Foundation board of experts. She was a member of the jury of Russian National Theatre Prize «Golden Mask» (2007, 2010 and 2012), an organizer of a number of festivals and conferences and a curator of «American season in Saint Petersburg» (2008). Olga Manulkina was a music critic of the Russian federal newspaper Kommersant and Afisha magazine. She is the author of the book From Ives to Adams: American Music of the Twentieth Century (2010), numerous articles on Russian and American music, a number of translations, including Shostakovich: A Life Remembered by E. Wilson (2006), and over 500 reviews and articles published in newspapers and magazines. She has compiled and edited with Pavel Gershenzon a book A Century of Le Sacre – a Century of Modernism (Bolshoi theatre, 2013) and New Russian Music Criticism. 1993-2003 (1st volume, Opera, Moscow, 2015). Manulkina presented papers at the conferences at the universities of Princeton, Pittsburg, Dublin, Leuven (Belgium), Durham (UK) and at the Bard College (USA), at the Conservatories and Music Academies of Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Vilnus and Rome.


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Reviews and articles in newspapers and magazines

  • Over 500 reviews and articles published in the federal newspaper Kommersant and Afisha magazine.
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Manulkina Olga