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Semyonov Alexander

Assistant Professor, Department of Problems of Interdisciplinary Synthesis in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ph.D. in History (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary)

Editor, Central and Eastern Europe, International Journal Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in Post Soviet Space. Research and Teaching Interests: East European and Eurasian studies,cultural history, history of architecture, urban studies, late socialism, comparative socialism, history of soviet material culture and design.


  • Religious Denomination, Empire and Nation: Religion and the Problem of Difference in History of the Post-Soviet space. Moscow: The New Publisher, 2012 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Empire and Nation in the Mirror of Historical Memory. Moscow: The New Publisher, 2011 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Inventing Empire: Languages and Practices. Moscow: The New Publisher, 2011 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Myths and Misconceptions in Studies of Nationalism and Empire. Moscow: The New Publisher, 2010 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Empire Speaks Out: Languages of Rationalization and Self-Description in the Russian Empire. Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2009 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Jan Kusber) [reviewed by Paul Werth in: The Russian Review. 2011. No.1. P.150-151; reviewed by  Bruce Grant in: Central Asia Survey. 2012. Vol.31, No.1. P.112-113].
  • New Imperial History of Post Soviet Space. Kazan’: Center for the Study of Nationalism and Empire, 2004 (Co-edited) [in Russian; reviewed by Adeeb Khalid in: The Russian Review. 2005. 64:4. P.712-713; reviewed by Ricarda Vulpius; review of Novaia imperskaia istoriia postsovetskogo prostranstva. Kazan’, 2004].

Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • Russian Sociology in Imperial Context. In: George Steinmetz (Ed.). Sociology and Empire: Colonial Studies and the Imperial Entanglements of a Discipline (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, forthcoming) (with Ilya Gerasimov and Marina Mogilner).
  • The Arc of Thinking About Nationalism in Challenging Time. In: Ab Imperio. 2012. No.1. P.245-249 (with Sergei Glebov).
  • Russian Liberalism in Imperial Context. In: Matthew Fitzpatrick (Ed.). Liberal Imperialism. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. P.67-89.
  • Elucidating the Historical Nature of Nationalism and Empire. In: Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner, and Alexander Semyonov (Eds.). Mify i zabluzhdenia v izuchenii imperii i natsionalizma [Myths and Misconceptions in Studies of Nationalism and Empire]. Moscow, 2010. P.7-23 (with Ilya Gerasimov and Marina Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Mirrors of Imperial Imagination in Early Twentieth Century Russia Empire. In: Andrzej Nowak (Ed.). Imperial Victims–Empires as Victims. Krakow, 2010. 44 Views. P.139-152.
  • New Imperial History and the Challenges of Empire. In: Ilya Gerasimov, Jan Kusber, and Alexander Semyonov (Eds.). Empire Speaks Out: Languages of Rationalization and Self-Description in the Russian Empire. Leiden, Boston, 2009. P.3-32 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Sergey Glebov, Jan Kusber, Marina Mogilner).
  • ‘The Real and Live Ethnographic Map of Russia’: The Russian Empire in the Mirror of the State Duma. In: Ilya Gerasimov, Jan Kusber, and Alexander Semyonov (Eds.). Empire Speaks Out: Languages of Rationalization and Self-Description in the Russian Empire. Leiden; Boston, 2009. P.191-228.
  • The Revolution of 1905: The Elusive Liberal Alternative. In: Irina Prokhorova, Alexander Dmitriev, Ilya Kukulin, Mariia Maiofis (Eds.). Antropologiia revoliutsii. Moscow, 2009. P.101-126 [in Russian].
  • Empire as a Context Setting Category. In: Ab Imperio. 2008. No.1. P.193-204.
  • Coauthored, Why Ab Imperio? In: Ukraina Moderna. 2007: 1 (12). P.129-136 [in Ukrainian].
  • Wither the Liberal Alternative? Historical Memory and Historical Alternatives. In: Jan Kusber, Andreas Frings (Hg.). Das Zarenreich, das Jahr 1905 und seine Wirkungen. Bestandsaufnahmen (Mainzer Beiträge zur Geschichte Osteuropas, Bd.3). Berlin, 2007. P.351-381.
  • Poor History, Bad Politics. In: Neprikosnovennyi Zapas. 2007: 1. P.119-123 [in Russian].
  • A Difficult Choice for Historians: Historical Memory, Genealogy, and Mythology. In: Neprikosnovennyi Zapas. 2006. No.3. P.192-200 [in Russian].
  • Empire and Nation in Russian Liberal Thought. In: Iván Dénes (Ed.). Liberty and the Search for Identity: Liberal Nationalisms and the  Legacy of Empires. Budapest, 2006. P.329-344.
  • In Search of New Imperial History. In: Ab Imperio. 2005. No.1. P.33-56 (with Ilya Gerasimov, Sergei Glebov, Aleksandr Kaplunovskii, Marina Mogilner).
  • Making Politics, Undoing Empire: Political Reform in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century. In: Zentrum fuer Deutschland- und Eurapastudien Working Papers. No.1. Bielefeld; St.Petersburg, 2004. P.79-96.
  • A Window on Dilemmas of History Writing on Empire and Nation. In: Ab Imperio. 2003. No.2. P.377-394 [in English and Russian].
  • Knowledge as Politics and Vocation: A History of the Constitutional-Democratic Party in Russia. In: Politics and Scholarship- Knowledge and Power (1880-1922). St.Petersburg, 2003 [in Russian].
  • The State of Art in History Writing on Nation and Empire. In: Ab Imperio. 2003: 3. P.526-528 [in English and Russian].
  • The Story of Us: History and Perspectives of Modernization of Humanities in Russia. A Historians’ View. In: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. 2003: 59. P.190-210 (with S.Glebov and M.Mogilner) [in Russian].
  • Politics, Empire, and Nationalism During the Early Soviet Period. In: Ab Imperio. 2002. No.2. P.339-344 (with S.Glebov) [in Russian].
  • Published presentation: in the forum “New Scholars of Humanities in Search of Identity.” In: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. 2002: 55. P.174-220 [in Russian].
  • What Was the Soviet Union and What Does Its Collapse Mean: Western Historiographic Debates. In: Neprikosnovennyi Zapas. 2001-2002. 6:20. P.26-32 [in Russian].
  • Conceptual Change and the Problem of Political Dialogue in Political Struggle and Ideological Debates in Early 20th Century Russia. In: Filosofskii Vek: Istoria idei kak metodologia gumanitarnykh issledovaniy. Part 2. St.Petersburg, 2001. P.44-60.
  • On the Question of Authorship of One Document: An Earlier Evidence of S.Iu.Witte’s Political Activity? In: Ab Imperio. 2000. No.3-4, Winter. P.187-204 [in Russian].

Reviews and other published materials

  • The Challenge and Seredipity of Writing World History Through the Prism of Empire, Interview with Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper. In: Ab Imperio. 2010. No.2. P.22-45 (with Marina Mogilner, and Ilya Geraismov).
  • Empire as a Moving Target. Review on Jane Burbank, Mark von Hagen, and Anatolyi Remnev (Eds.). Russian Empire: Space, People, Power, 1700-1930 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2007. 538 p.). In: Ab Imperio. 2008. No.2. P.377-392.
  • Letter to the Editors of Kritika Journal. In: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. 2007. No.1. P.222-224 (co-authored).
  • Interview with Benedict Anderson, “We Study Empires as We Do Dinosaurs,” Nations, Nationalism, and Empire in a Critical Perspective. In: Ab Imperio. 2003. No.3. P.57-73.
  • Published presentation: in the forum “How History is Made (discussion of the book Scenarios of Power by Richard Wortman). In: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. 2002: 56 [in Russian].
  • Interview with Mark von Hagen and Richard Wortman on the Problem of a New Curriculum in Russian History. In: Ab Imperio. 2001. No.1-2, Spring. P.373-391 [in Russian].
  • Marginalia: Richard Wortman’s Book ‘Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy’. In: Ab Imperio. 2000. No.2, Fall. P.293-299 [in Russian].
Semyonov  Alexander