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Volchek Olga

Assistant Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Field of Languages and Literature

In 1982 Olga Volchek graduated from the Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg University, specialty  «Romano-Germanic Languages and Literature (French)». In 1983 she completed the courses of travel guides (VAO Inturist), worked as a teacher of French. Since 1984 O. Volchek has been engaged in professional literary translation from French (G. Apolinnaire, Boris Vian, P. Drieu la Rochelle, J-P. Sartre, M. Leiris, A. Robbe-Grillet, C. Peignot, M. Surya, G. Deleuze, I. Boltanski, A. Badiou etc.) Scholarship holder of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002) for translation and comments to Henry de Montherlant’s book «Diaries. 1930-1944». Since 1992 till 2010 she occupied the position of the head of the French Language Chair at the Institute of Foreign Languages (St.-Petersburg). Since 2003 O. Vocheck has been employed as a teacher at the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg State University. O. Volchek is an author of a number of scientific articles, commentary to translations (M. Proust).


  • Innovation technologies in teaching foreign languages
  • The French language in Russian Culture of the 19th century.
  • History and Theory of Translation
  • French Literature (1920-1940)
Volchek Olga