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Teaching Sciences in Liberal Arts Context

Seminar "Teaching Sciences in Liberal Arts Context" in the framework of the St.Petersburg Cognitive Research Seminar (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Program of the seminar

  • Tatiana Chernigovskaya (Saint-Petersburg State University) Introduction
  • Tim Stearns (Stanford University) "Using human biology to engage students in experimental science"
  • Felicia Keesing (Bard College) "A prescription for transforming undergraduate education in the sciences"
  • Martha Cyert (Stanford University) "Introducing Stanford undergraduates to scientific thinking and analysis"
  • Alexey Khodjakov (Rensselaer Politechnic Institute) "Research experiences for undergraduate students"
  • Darcy Kelley (Columbia University) "Creating a Science Component for a Liberal Arts Curriculum"