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Economic Culture of Modern Capitalism

International scientific conference "Economic culture of modern capitalism" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Organizers: Center for Study of Economic Culture of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg State University.

Organizing Committee: chairman – Aleksei Kudrin (dean of the Department), Danila Raskov, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Denis Kadochnikov, Andrei Vorobyev.

During the late Capitalism period, researchers face the problem of interpreting and understanding how economy fits into the broader system of social relationships – cultural, political, etc. Emphasis on issues of economic culture will allow a discussion of non-economic sources and consequences of Capitalism, linkages between values systems the economic development, causes of regional backwardness and disbalances, and the influence of culture and mindsets on perceptions of reform and economic policy.

Such an ambitious goal requires revising the existing approaches in economic science, including the general methodology, collection of empirical data, and the analysis of theories and interpretations. There is now a lack of comprehensive theories in the spirit of Smith, Marx, or Weber that utilize ideas from Economics, Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy, as well as from applied research strategies.

The task of the conference is to promote the integration of issues of economic culture into modern social sciences and the humanities, and to designate strategies and an agenda of the theoretical and applied research. The conference will become a site for discussion among adherents of various views and approaches, including mathematical economics, history, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, political science, humanities, natural sciences etc.

The Conference is dedicated to the discussion of issues such as:

  • Economic culture – theory and methodology
  • Specifics of late cognitive Capitalism
  • Markets as cultures
  • Culture in economic thought
  • Culture in production, consumption, allocation and exchange
  • Economic culture of minorities
  • Regional economic culture
  • Economic culture and the effectiveness of public policy

Organizing Committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Dean Alexei Kudrin,
Center for the Study of Economic Culture – Danila Raskov, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Denis Kadochnikov, Andrei Vorobyev.


June 29

  • 09:00-4:00pm Registration
  • 10:00-12:00pm Morning Session. Chair - Danila Raskov

Opening of the conference

12:00-12:30pm Coffee-break

  • 12:30-2:00pm Afternoon Session. Chair - Viktor Ryazanov
  • Aleksei Kudrin (St. Petersburg State University) "The impact of the economic culture of European countries on the overcoming of the debt crisis"
  • Rustem Nureyev (National Research University - Higher School of Economics) "Economic culture: theory and methodology"

2:00-3.00pm Lunch

  • 3:00-6:00pm Evening Session. Chair - Rustem Nureev
  • Viktor Ryazanov (St. Petersburg State University) "Economy and national culture: specifics of the relationship"
  • Alexander Pogrebnyak, Danila Raskov (St. Petersburg State University) "Economy as a culture: revisiting 'Methodenstreit'"
  • Anton Oleynik (CEMI of Russian Academy of Sciences and "Memorial" University, Canada) "Power relationships as an element of economic culture"
  • Pascal Bridel (Centre Walras-Pareto, University of Lausanne)
    "The 'Treasury View': The Return ? Or, why theoretical arguments seldom die"

6:00-6:30pm Coffee-break

6:30-7:30pm Presentation of the book by János Kornai – Russian edition "Thinking on Capitalism"

  • Andrei Zaostrovtsev "Is it capitalism still alive?"
  • Natalia Drozdova "Research program of János Kornai: economic historian view"
  • Viktor Rjazanov "Sunlight on cold water of capitalism"

June 30

  • 10:00-11:30am Morning Session. Chair - Aleksei Penzin

  • Sergey Fokin (St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance) "Ethics of capitalism: language, judicial logic, responsibility terror"

11:30-12:00pm Coffee-break

  • 12:00-2:00pm Afternoon Session. Chair - Pascal Bridel
  • Leonid Shirokorad (St. Petersburg State University) "State, the development of political economy and the culture of economic thinking in Russia"
  • Denis Kadochnikov (St. Petersburg State University) "Economic theory and the genesis of cultural values"
  • Jeffrey Hass (Richmond University) "Evolution of Economic Culture in Post-Socialist Russia"
  • Vladimir Yefimov (Independent researcher) "Morals, economy and economic theory"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-4:30pm Parallel Session 1

1-А. Cultural differences and the economy of Russia

Chair - Denis Kadochnikov (Cinema hall)

  • Andrei Vorobyev (St. Petersburg State University) "Demand for paternalism in Russian regions: economic-cultural aspects"
  • Nina Oding, Lev Savulkin (ICSER Leontief Centre) "Culture, institutions and economic behavior in Russia"
  • Pavel Zaharyin (St. Petersburg State University) "Fiscal sociology: tax culture and social embeddedness of taxation practices"

1-В. Economic culture in historical perspective

Chair - Arsenyi Tarabanov (room 412)

  • Daria Pushkina (St. Petersburg State University) "Economic aspects of modern civil wars: modern capitalism or ancient anarchy?"
  • Alexander Bessolitsin (Moscow Financial-Industrial University) "Social responsibility of business, as an indication of economic culture of capitalism in Russia in the end of 19th – early 20th century"
  • Alexander Dubyanskiy (St. Petersburg State University) "Cultural aspect of usury and interest rate"

4:40-6:10pm Parallel Session 2 

2-А. Economics and institutions

Chair – Andrei Vorobyev (Cinema Hall)

  • Ivan Rozmainskiy (St. Petersburg State University, National Research University – Higher School of Economics) "Economic culture as a factor and a barrier of economic growth in different economic systems"
  • Viktor Kaplun (St. Petersburg State University) "How to analyze and change institutions? Or what modern philosophy of action can tell to the new institutional economics?"
  • Andrei Veiher (Higher School of Economics) "Methodological threats of applying similar categories in different institutional discources"

2-В. Specifics of modern capitalism

Chair – Antonella Corsani (room 412)

  • Arsenyi Tarabanov (St. Petersburg State University) "Market trend as a narrative structure"
  • Kirill Popov (St. Petersburg State University) "On the subjective foundations of cognitive capitalism"
  • Nikolay Markevich (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania) "Economic culture of decision-making in Lithuania"

6:10-6:30pm Coffee-break

6:30-7:30pm Final Discussio

7:30pm Buffet

The Conference’s languages: english and russian.

A selection of papers presented at the conference is to be published afterwards.