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4-5 october

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Liberal Education in Russia and the World

International conference "Liberal Education in Russia and the World" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

This conference is made possible in part by the generous support of The International Higher Education Support Program, Foundation to Support Open Society.

Organizing Committee

  • Aleksei Kudrin (SPbU)
  • Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA)
  • Valery Monakhov (SPbU)
  • Jonathan Becker (Bard College, USA)
  • Susan Gillespie (Bard College, USA)

Program Committee

  • Denis Akhapkin (SPbU)
  • Tatiana Chernigovskaya (SPbU)
  • Marina Kalashnikova (SPbU)
  • Vadim Kasevich (SPbU)
  • Elena Kazakova (SPbU)
  • Elena Khodorkovskaya (SPbU)
  • Artemy Magun (SPbU)
  • Alexander Semyonov (SPbU)
  • Marianna Shakhnovich (SPbU)
  • Olga Voronina (Bard College, USA)

Conference Program

October 4

  • 9:00-10:00am Registration (room 223)
  • 10:00-11:00am Opening of the Conference (room 223). Welcome and preliminary remarks: Aleksei Kudrin (SPbU), Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA), Valery Monakhov (SPbU)

11:00-11:15am Coffee break

11:15-1:30pm Plenary Session. The Liberal Arts in Russia and Post-Soviet Space. Chairs: Aleksei Kudrin (SPbU), Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA)

  • Denis Akhapkin (SPbU) "Liberal Arts in the System of Russian Higher Education"
  • Andrey Zorin (Oxford University, UK; Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) "Liberal Arts Education: Problems of the Russian Context"
  • Ilya Kukulin (Higher School of Economics) "The Concept of Liberal Arts Education and the Choice of Career as Presented to High-School Students and Parents in Contemporary Russia"
  • Jerzy Axer ("Artes Liberales Institute" Foundation; University of Warsaw, Poland) "Liberal Arts Education in Eastern Europe: Chances and Challenges"
  • Andrew Wachtel (American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan) "Liberal Arts in Central Asia: Content, Form, or Both?"

1:30-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-5:00pm Panel A. Networking of Liberal Arts Institutions. Chairs: Jonathan Becker (Bard College, USA), Vadim Kasevich (SPbU)

  • Kevin Hovland (Association of American Colleges and Universities, USA) "A Century of Leadership for Liberal Education in the United States"
  • Thomas Rommel (ECLA of Bard, Germany) "Liberal Arts Networks in Europe: for Present Comfort and for Future Good"
  • Valery Monakhov (SPbU) "Development of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Russian Educational Space and the Prospect of Networking"

5:00-5:30pm Coffee break

5:30-7:30pm Panel B. Visions of Liberal Arts in the XXI Century. Chairs: Patricia Graham (Harvard University, USA), Tatiana Chernigovskaya (SPbU). Discussants: Sergey Kropotov (Yekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art), Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA)

  • Tatiana Chernigovskaya (SPbU) "Convergence of Science and its Place in the Modern World"
  • Presentation by Sergey Zuev (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)
  • Svetlana Karas (Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences) "Music within the System of Liberal Education"

7:30-9:00pm Dinner

October 5

10:00-11:30am Panel C. The Socially Responsible University. Chairs: Vincent McGee (Gagarin Trust; City University of New York, USA), Marianna Shakhnovich (SPbU)

  • Dmitry Dubrovsky (SPbU; Russian Museum of Ethnography) "Human Rights Education, Civil Engagement and Citizens' Responsibility"
  • Pavel Tereshkovich (European Humanities University, Lithuania) "Liberal Arts Education and the Belarusian Educational Landscape: the Case of EHU"
  • Voldemar Tomusk (International Higher Education Support Program) "The University's Social Mission after 'Cooling-out'"
  • Jonathan Becker (Bard College, USA) "The Civically Engaged University in the 21st Century"
  • Tatiana Petrova (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) "The Social Mission of the University: The Russian Tradition of Liberal Education"

Roundtable 1. Liberal Education in Russia: Practice, Perspectives, Partnerships. Chairs: Vadim Kasevich (SPbU), Elena Kazakova (SPbU).

  • Yulia Gritskevich, Svetlana Sedunova (Pskov State University) "Adult Education: Problems and Prospects of Development"
  • Svetlana Gusova (Russian State University for the Humanities) "Ethical Liberalism in the Context of Liberal Education: L.Tolstoy and K.Ventzel"
  • Yulia Nazarova (Tula State Pedagogical University) "Liberalism as the Social and Cultural Foundation of Liberal Arts Education"
  • Elena Meleshko (Tula State Pedagogical University) "Innovative Trends in Liberal Education: Educational Experience of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Tula State Pedagogical University"
  • Vera Kolkutina, Nina Snetova (Perm State National Research University) "The Connection of Science and the Humanities and the Actualization of this Connection as a Principle of Liberal Education"
  • Marina Kalashnikova (SPbU) "The Third Generation of Federal State Educational Standards for Higher Professional Education in 'Arts and Humanities' (Educational Track 035300): Opportunities and Limits"

11:30-12:00pm Coffee break

12:00-1:30pm Panel D. Liberal Arts in the Context of Challenges to Higher Education. Chairs: Aleksei Kudrin (SPbU), Jerzy Axer ("Artes Liberales Institute" Foundation; University of Warsaw, Poland)

  • Mikhail Sokolov (EUSP) "Conspicuous consumption of Higher Learning and Creeping Liberalization of Curriculum in Russian Universities"
  • Patricia Graham (Harvard University, USA) "Why Liberal Arts?"
  • Artemy Magun (SPbU; EUSP) "Maneuvering between Two Dangers: Post-Soviet Inertia and Neo-Liberal Reform in Russian Higher Education"
  • Carlin Romano (Ursinus College, USA) "Is the American University Going to Hell? Overview from a Critic-at-Large"
  • Alexander Semyonov (SPbU; Higher School of Economics) "Is History a Liberal Arts Discipline?"
  • Fried Keesen (University College Utrecht, Netherlands) "University College Utrecht: Bologna Pioneer in the Netherlands"

1:30-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-4:00pm Open Forum. Perspectives for the Collaboration of Russian Universities in the Development of Liberal Education. Moderators: Valery Monakhov (SPbU), Jonathan Becker (Bard College, USA)

4:00-5:30pm Workshop. The Smolny Approach to Liberal Arts Education: Structures and Practice. Facilitators: Denis Akhapkin, Marina Kalashnikova (SPbU)

Panel E. Liberal Arts Education in the European Academic Environment. Chairs: Antonia Gohr (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany), Catherine Toal (ECLA of Bard, Germany)

  • Antonia Gohr (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany) "Liberal Arts Education in Europe – Concepts and Challenges"
  • Anatoliy Mikhailov (European Humanities University, Lithuania) "Challenges of Liberal Arts Education: Between Knowing and Thinking"
  • Orlanda Lie (University College Utrecht, Netherlands) "European Liberal Arts: Breadth and Depth at University College Utrecht"
  • Jan Apel (Gotland University, Sweden) "Liberal Arts Education at Gotland University"
  • Dimitri Mironov (Tallinn University, Estonia) "Liberal Arts as a Means of Internationalization of Education: the Experience of Tallinn University"

5:30-5:45pm Coffee break

5:45-6:45pm Round table 2. Liberal Arts Partnerships. Chairs: Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA), Daria Pushkina (SPbU)

  • Munther Dajani (Al-Quds University, Palestinian Territories) "What Liberal Arts and Sciences Education is? Letting Go or Better Yet, Striking a Balance"
  • Andrew Wachtel (American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan) "Serving Two Masters: Local vs. International Visions of the University"
  • Daria Pushkina (SPbU) "Educational R2P–Responsibility to Partnerships"
  • Thomas Rommel (ECLA of Bard, Germany) "Your Partner in this Cause: The Benefits of Liberal Arts Partnerships from a Berlin Perspective"
  • Susan Gillespie (Bard College, USA) "Translating Ideas into Institutional Practice: Cases and Conundrums"

6:45-7:30pm Closing of the Conference. Final remarks: Aleksei Kudrin (SPbU), Leon Botstein (Bard College, USA)