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Economic Сulture: Values and Interests

International Conference "Economic Culture: Values and Interests" (58-60 Galernaya Street).


April 25, Thursday

09:00-10:00am Registration

10:00-12:00am Morning session. Moderator — Danila Raskov

  • Conference opening
  • Arjo Klamer (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) "Culture matters"
  • Ronald Inglehart (Michigan University) "Economic development and happiness: from maximizing economic gains to maximizing well-being"

12:00-12:30pm Coffee break

12:30-2:00pm Noon session. Moderator — Oleg Ananyin 

  • Carsten Herrmann-Pillath (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) "An evolutionary approach to culture and economy: General principles and application on China"
  • Ivan Boldyrev (Higher School of Economics, Humboldt University), Olessia Kirtchik (Higher School of Economics) "Soviet Mathematical Economists during the Brezhnev Era: Disciplinary Status and Epistemic Culture"
  • Aleksey Levinson (Higher School of Economics, Levada Center) "'Pro-market' and 'pro-socialist' values in Russia today. Based on Levada-center opinion studies"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-5:00pm Parallel sessions 1

1-А. Values, morals and myth (Movie hall). Moderator — Arseny Tarabanov

  • Oksana Ponukalina (Saratov Social and Economic Institute) "Value foundations of consumer behavior"
  • Amanar Akhabbar (University of Lausanne) "Transparency and Homo OEconomicus' Morals: Bentham's Contribution"
  • Vera Gushchina (Voronezh State University) "The Divine conceptual sphere in Urian Oaks’s sermons"
  • Tatiana Malkova "Accounting and Economic categories in the Bible and Koran"
  • Grigorii Tulchinsky (St. Petersburg State University, Higher School of Economics) "Branding areas as economics of the myth"

1-В. Economic theory and culture (Room 152). Moderator — Denis Kadochnikov

  • Eduard Karavaev (St. Petersburg State University) "Some historical notes on the conception 'evolutionarily stable strategy'"
  • Andrey Zaostrovtsev (Higher School of Economics) "Douglass North on Culture"
  • Valery Mikheyev (St. Petersburg State University) "Economic culture and economic practice"
  • Greg Yudin (Higher School of Economics) "Free Riders between Models and Bus Stops: For a Sociology of Disembedded Economy"

5:00-5:30pm Coffee break

5:30-7:30pm Evening session. Moderator — L.D.Shirokorad

  • Piotr Klyukin (Higher School of Economics) "Russian tradition of economic analysis of the end of 19th beginning of 20th century as a historical and cultural phenomenon"
  • Gregory Sandstrom (European Humanities University, Vilnius), Svetlana Kirdina (Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences) "Economics and Humanitarian Knowledge: Tension in the Institutional Matrix"
  • Dmitriy Panchenko (St. Petersburg State University) "Economic ethos of Archaic Greece"
  • Danila Raskov (St. Petersburg State University) "The sacred and the secular in the economic culture of foreign Old Believers"

April 26, Friday

10:00-12:00am Morning session. Moderator — Danila Raskov

  • Oleg Ananyin (Higher School of Economics) "Cultural dimension of economy"
  • Deirdre McCloskey (University of Illinois at Chicago) "How We Got Rich, and Why It Has Nothing to Do with Neoclassical or Marxist or Neoinstitutional Economics"

12:00-12:30pm Coffee break

12:30-2:00pm Noon session. Moderator — Aleksei Levinson

  • Anton Oleinik (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, and Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) "Data making and mining in the study of economic culture"
  • Natalia Ryzhova (Amur Laboratory for Economic and Sociological Studies ERI FED RAS, Khabarovsk / Blagoveshensk, Russia) "Russia’s Periphery: what do we know about local economic culture?"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-5:00pm Parallel sessions 2

2-А. Economic culture: various aspects (Movie hall). Moderator — Andrei Vorobyev

  • Denis Kadochnikov (St. Petersburg State University) "Political and ideological arguments in the discussions on the rationale for international policy coordination between two world wars"
  • Darya Pushkina (St. Petersburg State University) "The conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo and Global Economic Culture"
  • Ivan Rozmainsky (St. Petersburg State University, Higher School of Economics) "Why in the XXI Century Economic Growth in the Developed Countries May Slow? An Experience of Post Keynesian Analysis"
  • Arseny Tarabanov (St. Petersburg State University) "Art markets: information efficiency and entrepreneurial creativity"

2-В. Russian economic culture (Room 152). Moderator — Aleksandr Dubyansky

  • Aleksandr Dubyansky (St. Petersburg State University) "Problem of the formation of value orientations in the credit relations in modern Russia"
  • Andrey Sosnilo (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg) "The political and administrative culture of developed countries, and modern Russian practice"
  • Dmitri Pletnev, Viktor Barhatov (Chelyabinsk State University, Russia) "The Corporate Culture as a Routinized Process"
  • Nina Oding (Leontief Centre, St. Petersburg) "State and private property in Russia"

5:00-5:30pm Coffee break

5:30-7:30pm Evening session and final discussion. Moderators — Anton Oleinik, Danila Raskov

  • Yuri Tulupenko (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) "Economics and aesthetics: Sentimentalism to Romanticism and beyond"
  • Aleksandr Pogrebnyak (St. Petersburg State University) "Categories of value and interest: philosophical and economic meanings"