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Vladimir Bibikhin’s Philosophical Heritage

International Сonference "Vladimir Bibikhin’s Philosophical Heritage" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Dedicated to V. Bibikhin’s 75th birthday

Vladimir Bibikhin was a Russian philosopher, (1938- 2004). He is regarded by many  the leading contemporary Russian thinker. Unlike his numerous peers, he avoided being dragged into provincialism. He was distinguished by originality and universal erudition, while at the same time grounding his philosophy upon the interpretation of the specific historical situation of Russia. Being a translator of Heidegger and a brilliant stylist, in the early 1990s Bibikhin gathered large  audiences and continued to hold his regular   seminar when the interest to philosophy in the country had diminished. While Bibikhin was alive, such prominent works as "The Language of Philosophy", "The New Renaissance" (the work expressing hope for the revival of Russia after 1991), "The Other Beginning" ("Drugoe Nachalo") were published, and the course "Wittgenstein" was prepared for publication. After Bibikhin had died, his family and friends started publishing his works. But there have been so far no activities aimed at research and dissemination of Bibikhin’s works. They have not been translated into English, even though many non-Russian philosophers who know Russian Russia, express an interest in Bibikhin’s heritage. The conference’s mission is to structure and disseminate philosopher’s ideas and ways of thinking , make them available for the world audience and schedule further activities with regard to publishing and commenting his works.

Organizing Committee

Chairman – A. Magun

  • A.Akhutin (Russian State University for the Humanities)
  • I.Evlampiev (Faculty of Philosophy, Saint Petersburg  State University)
  • A.Pogrebnyak (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, Saint Petersburg State University)
  • O.Kharkhordin (European University at Saint Petersburg)

Partner – European University at Saint Petersburg.

Participants of the conference: Vladimir Avdeenko, Anatoly Akhutin, Maryse Dennes, Igor Evlampiev, Oleg Kharkhordin, Sergey Khoruzhiy, Olga Lebedeva, Artemy Magun, Michael Marder, Alexander Mikhailovsky, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Olga Sedakova, Kristina Stoeckl, Edward Swiderski, Peter Trawny.


    May 17, Friday

    10:30-11:10am Anatoly Akhutin (RSUH) "The Dialogical Truth of European Culture"

    11:10-11:25am Discussion

    11:25-12:00am Olga Sedakova (MSU) "Questioning"

    12:00-12:15pm Discussion

    12:15-12:30pm Coffee break

    12:30-1:05pm Alexandr Michailovsky (HSE) "Bibikhin’s Ontological hermeneutics"

    1:05-1:20pm Discussion

    1:20-1:55pm Sergey Fokin (SPbSU) "Vladimir Bibikhin and Walter Benjamin on the Essence of Translation"

    1:55-2:10pm Discussion

    2:10-3:10pm Dinner

    3:10-3:30pm Francois Fedier. Olga Lebedeva read a paper

    3:35-4:10pm Igor Evlampiev (SPbSU) "Renaissance as a Historical Failure: the Concept of European History by Vladimir Bibikhin and its origins"

    4:10-4:25pm Discussion

    4:25-5:00pm Kristina Stoeckl (University of Vienna). "Religious Philosophy? The Different Lines of Reception of the Works of V. Bibikhin in the West"

    5:00-5:15 Discussion

    5:15-5:50pm Maryse Dennes (University of Bordeaux) "The Significance of Heidegger´s Works for the Renewal of Ontological Question and the Importance of Heidegger´s Reception in Russia"

    5:50-6:05pm Discussion

    6:05-6:20pm Coffee break

    6:20-8:00pm Roundtable discussion