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The Formation of Political-Legal Concepts

Mini Сonference "The Formation of Political-Legal Concepts in Theological Discourse of Spanish Scholasticism of 16th-17th Century" (58-60 Galernaya Street).


  • Rolf Darge (The University of Salzburg, Austria) "Suarez and the Scholastic Tradition of Transcendentalist Thought"
  • Aleksandr Marei (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)  "An Princeps Conscientiam Habet? Concepts of Law, Obligations and Guilt in the Moral Theology of de Vitoria"
  • Vitalii Ivanov (Journal Einai, St. Petersburg) "Freedom, Saving the Soul and Subjective Human Rights: the Theological Horizon of the Theory of Rights in Scholasticism of Jesuits"

21 may

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