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The Fourth Smolny Annual International Student Conference

The Fourth Smolny Annual International Student Conference "New Approaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences."

We invite you to participate in the Fourth Annual International Student Conference “New Approaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences” which will be held on April 18-19, 2014 at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.Petersburg State University.

The program includes sectional reports and sessions bringing together students from different colleges and universities, as well as creative performances (videos, photo exhibitions, and musical improvisations).

The conference is an attempt to bring together students, graduate students, and young scholars working in various fields of the arts and sciences.

Topics corresponding with the following fields of study will be considered:

  • BA Majors: Fine Arts and Architecture; History and Culture of Islam; History of Civilizations; Cinema and Video; Cognitive Science; Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence; Literature; International Relations, Political Sciences, and Human Rights; Music and Theater; Complex Systems in Nature and Society; Life Sciences; Sociology and Anthropology; Philosophy; Economics
  • BA Minors: American Studies; Gender Studies; German Studies; Human Rights; Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet studies; Religious studies; French Studies
  • Master Programs: Art-criticism; Cognitive Science; Intercultural Education; Music Criticism; Complex Systems in Nature and Society; Social Communications

100 applicants will be selected for presentation of their work or creative projects. Participation requires that the student be present.

By the beginning of the conference, abstracts of all presentations will be published in electronic format on the faculty website. In addition, abstracts and papers selected for recognition will be included in a printed collection, which will be released for the next conference in a year.

To participate in the Third Annual International Student Conference please submit your applications and abstracts/ descriptions of your art projects to the FLAS Young Scholars Council (smu@smolny.org). All abstracts or descriptions must be prepared according to the following submission requirements: Paper/Presentation/Art Project Abstract (450-500 words, in a .doc file, Times New Roman, Font 12, single spaced. Abstracts must contain clearly formulated research questions, aims and suggested results. For those who wish to present at the conference with their creative work, it is necessary to provide us not only with a description, but also a portion or the complete work in video format, photos, or music.

The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English. If your native language is Russian, please send your abstract in Russian.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.Petersburg State University is providing a limited number of grants for travel and/ or accommodation. Grants can be awarded to residents of the following regions: Europe, West Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. 10 participants are eligible to receive a grant that covers the cost of travel and accommodation. 15 participants are eligible for a grant that will only cover the cost of accommodation. Please remember that you have the opportunity to come to our conference at your own expense or apply for financial assistance at your home university or institution.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Conference organizers directly (smu@smolny.org).