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Politics of Memory and Monumental Art

Presentation by Dmitry Vilensky (St.Petersburg), Oksana Timofeeva (St.Petersburg), Nora Shternfeld (Helsinki) "Politics of Memory and Monumental Art" in the framework of "Critique of the Social Sciences and Humanities" Seminar (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Without the politics of commemoration any political struggle is impossible. Only through rituals located around certain spaces and through the symbolic representation of past struggles can the next generation empower itself in a dialogue with the dead and get inspiration and lessons for the future. But how can we proceed with this urgent matter if the people’s movements have very limited opportunity to produce and structure space, and their spatial practices are limited to temporal structures relocated around the city maps?

How can the groups that are excluded from the public sphere voice material and performative forms of commemoration nowadays? What is monumental today? What kind of tangible structures and rituals could be developed to counter the imposed monumentality of power? In a one day meeting of international artists and intellectuals these issues will be discussed from the different perspectives that lie at the basis of our dangerous situations.

11 october

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