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Urban Studies of the XXI century

Open lecture of Brian Evans (UK) "Urban Studies of the XXI Century: Challenges and Opportunities" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

In the lecture Professor Evans with the example of 20 different cities will consider the main similarities and distinctions in the functioning of city systems. He will also address the question how authorities can use the capacity of the cities for the benefit of its inhabitants, business and tourists.

The following topics will also be covered during the lecture:

  • The role of cities in the changing modern world.
  • How cities cope with economic, social and environmental problems?
  • How the authorities can use the capacity of the cities for the benefit of inhabitants, business and tourists?

Brian Evans – the head of the laboratory of urbanistics at The Glasgow School of Arts. Evans directed projects in 16 countries on three continents; much of its works awarded architectural awards. For the past 10 years he has worked in Moscow. Evans played a key role in the development of landscape architecture of Great Britain – in particular, was one of the main popularizers of computer technologies. He heads the Urbanistic school at the Institute of arts of Glasgow and Academy of urbanism in London. Among his publications are more than 60 articles, and also 10 books and monographs.

27 october

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