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Other Logicians of Writing. Memories of A.Dragomoshchenko

Interdisciplinary International conference "Other Logicians of Writing. Memories of Arkady Dragomoshchenko" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

The Purpose and Objectives of the Event

For many years, the outstanding contemporary poet, critic and literary theorist Arkady Dragomoshchenko taught a Poetry Workshop at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College). During this period more than fifty students participated in the workshop, several of whom have already embarked on successful literary careers (Anastasia Kalinina, Ksenia Mutyaeva, Aleksander Filipenko). Currently there is the process of active study of Arkady Dragomoshchenko's literary and theoretical legacy. The purpose of this conference will be to bring together scholars from all over the world, especially those associated with the study of the Language School of poetry, as well as fellow poets, Russian students and others, to explore aspects of Dragomoshchenko's central educational and creative project, “Other Logics of Writing”. Attention will also be paid to the study of the poet's library and to the analysis of the practices of collaboration between Dragomoshenko and other representatives of the Language School.

Thematic Emphases of the Conference

Thematically the heart of the conference will revolve around the hermeneutical concept of writing, an approach pioneered by such authors as Roland Barthes, Jacques Lacan and Jacques Derrida. This concept of writing is crucial for many contemporary writers, including Dragomoshchenko, and has also attracted the attention of philosophers, psychoanalysts, anthropologists, and experts in cultural studies. Such a hermeneutics engages in a critique of meaning and the study of signs, which lies at the core of the analysis of contemporary subjectivity. The goal of the conference is thus to explore Dragomoschchenko's “Other Logics of Writing” as exemplary of contemporary philosophical and artistic thinking on such major issues as otherness in sign systems, the significance of indirect statements, strategies of impersonality and other forms of ‘non-existent being' where affects, bodies and desires prolong, suspend and simultaneously insist on their own existence.

The conference organizers would like to thank the Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences Aleksei Kudrin for the support of the project "ATD's Library at Smolny".

Conference Program

February 13, Friday

Moderators: Nina Savchenkova, Evgeny Pavlov

11:00-11:30am – Opening session. Valery Monakhov (St.Petersburg State University). Opening speech. ATD's Library at Smolny

11:30-12:00am – Zinaida Dragomoschenko. "I Remember. I Want to Remember it". ATD's Quote

12:00-12:30pm – Nina Savchenkova (St.Petersburg State University). The Melancholic Cractice of Creating Existence or About Love for the Idea of Order

12:30-1:00pm – Evgeny Pavlov (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). Dragomoshchenko’s Revolution

1:00-1:30pm – Coffee break. Opening of the exhibition of photos taken by Arkady Dragomoschenko

1:30-2:00pm – Thomas Epstein (Boston). Dust of Time: Memory and Representation in Arkady Dragomoshchenko’s Prose

2:00-2:30pm – Anna Glazova (Hamburg). Expansion of Poetic Reality: On Ossip Mandelshtam's "Nasturtium as Event" and Arkady Dragomoschchenko's "Nasturtium in its Linguistic Structure"

2:30-3:00pm – Ksenia Mutaeva (St.Petersburg State University, writer). Retinal Detachment: ATD and Writing as an Experience of Another

3:00-4:00pm – Break

4:00-4:30pm – Evgeny Bylina (The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, Moscow). Fragment as a Literary Method and Aesthetic Phenomena in the Texts of Arkady Dragomoshchenko

4:30-5:00pm – Sergey Korovin (St.Petersburg). The Incendiary.

5:00pm – Performance by the theatre of dance IGUAN

February 14, Saturday

Moderators: Sergey Fokin, Aleksander Skidan

11:00-11:30am – Aleksander Skidan (St.Petersburg, NLO journal). "Dinner with Friendly Gods". A Linguistic Change of Course in Arkady Dragomoshchenko's Poetry in the Middle of the 1980's

11:30-12:00am – Sergey Fokin (St.Petersburg State University). Around Citations and Tautologies

12:00-12:30pm – Elena Fanailova (Radio "Svoboda", Moscow). The Notion of Cold and ATD

12:30-1:00pm – Kirill Korchagin (Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, NLO Journal, Moscow). Selfness and Corporality in the Prose of Arkady Dragomoshenko

1:00-1:30pm – Coffee break

1:30-2:00pm – Eugenia Suslova (Nizhny Novgorod). Dramaturgy of Spaces in the Texts of A.Dragomoshenko

2:00-2:30pm – Andrey Levkin (Internet Project "Polit.ru", Moscow). Narratives and Descriptions: Two Logics of Writing

2:30-3:00pm – Elena Dolgikh (St.Petersburg State University). In Arcades of Arcadia: Grass

3:00-4:00pm – Break

4:00-5:30pm – Round table discussion "The Way of Letters:. Presentation of ATD's Library at Smolny

5:30-7:00pm – Poetry reading with the participation of the first place recipients of Arkady Dragomoshchenko's prize (annual award for young poets writing in Russian, founded on the initiative by the book store and cultural cluster "Poryadok Slov" in St.Petersburg): Nikita Safonov, Aleksandra Cibule, Lada Chizhova, and Anna Glazova, Aleksander Skidan, Stanislaw Snytko, Eugenia Suslova, Kirill Korchagin, Aleksei Kruchkowski, Elena Kostyleva, Natalia Fedorova

7:00pm – Conclusion of the conference

The Conference is organized by: Nina Savchenkova, Sergey Fokin, Elena Dolgikh. Thanks to Victoria Antonova and Darya Volyinskaya for their help in preparation for the conference.

Contact person: Elena Dolgih +7 903 093 4343; dolgikh@smolny.org

13-14 february

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