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Reform, Transformations and Cultural Legacy

Roundtable discussion "Reform, Transformations and Cultural Legacy: Economic History Perspective" within the framework of the "Economics and Culture" Seminar (58-60 Galernaya Street, aud.155).


11:00-12:30 Session 1. Moderator: Danila Raskov

  • Tommy Murphy (Bocconi, Italy) "Land Reform and Violence: Evidence from Mexico"
  • Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur, Belgium) "Transformation of Family Structures under Growing Land Pressure"

12:30-13:00 Coffee-break

13:00-14:30 Session 2. Moderator: Denis Kadochnikov

  • Saumitra Jha (Stanford University): "The Cultural Legacies of Bargaining over Trade: Evidence from the Spanish Red"
  • Hosny Zoabi (New Economic School, Moscow): "Women's Liberation as a Financial Innovation"

12 october

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