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Economic Culture of the Megalopolis

International conference "Economic Culture of the Megalopolis"

The following questions will be considered on conference:

  • Economics and urban studies: theory and practice of interaction
  • City, country, world
  • Russian cities - yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Economy of megalopolises - historical aspects
  • An ideal city. A city as a utopia and a city as a heterotopia
  • Managing urban economy
  • Economics of urban preservation
  • Economics and aesthetics of urban life
  • Creative industries in a modern city
  • Quality of life in a megalopolis
  • Urban space, community, privacy
  • Wealth and poverty in a megalopolis
  • Economics of space and time in the digital age: city informatics vs urban development
  • Small business, urban clusters and gentrification
  • Rational schemes and spontaneity: impulsive consumption
  • Urban economy in the mirror of urban culture
  • Branding megalopolis: only unique is global
  • Economic behavior of urban dwellers: attractors, symbols, meanings
  • City and media

A book of abstracts will be published prior to the conference. After the conference selected papers will be published in form of a monograph; special issue of the Almanac of the Center for the study of economic culture will also be dedicated to the economic culture of a megalopolis.