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29-30 november

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Shakespeare. The Art of Interpretation

International multidisciplinary conference "Shakespeare. The Art of Interpretation" (58-60 Galernaya Street).


November 29

9:30-10:00am Registration

10:00-10:15am Conference Opening. Plenary Addresses: Tatiana Boborykina (SPbU) "Chair of the Conference's Program Committee"

10:15-12:00am Morning Session


  • Oleg Gabyshev (St.Petersburg Eifman Ballet) "Reflections on Shakespeare in Movement"
  • Natalya Zlobina (The Rimsky-Korsakov St.Petersburg State Conservatory; St.Petersburg State Institute of Culture and Arts) "Shakespeare’s Juliet in Choreographic Interpretation"
  • Miriam Hasikova (Palacký University, Czech Republic) "The Ballet 'Othello' as the Example of Both Artistry and Politics in Czechoslovakia in the Second Half of 20th Century"
  • Kimberly Glassman (Concordia University, Canada) "The Bifocality of Dance in Shakespeare’s 'Twelfth Night': An Analysis of Shakespearean Dance Adaptations"

12:00-12:30pm Coffee break

12:30-2:00pm Afternoon session


  • Irina Burova (SPbU) "Shakespeare's Last Will and Testament: A Domain of Enigmas"
  • Tatiana Boborykina (SPbU) "Shakespeare's Motif in the Works by Oscar Wilde"
  • Rebecca Cole Heinowitz (Bard College, USA) "Radical Violence: The Specter of Hamlet in Percy Shelley's The Cenci"
  • Andrey Yuriev (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "Ibsen and Shakespeare"

2:00-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-4:30pm Afternoon session


  • Gennadiy Stadnikov (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) "H.Heine on Shakespeare"
  • Olga Ushakova (Tyumen State University) "Shakespearean Masks in T.S.Eliot's Poetry"
  • John A.Taylor (SPbU) "Shakespeare in the 18th Century Popular Literature"
  • Valery Timofeev (SPbU) "Iris Murdoch's The Black Prince: A Self-Portrait of the Author Reproduced as William Shakespeare Appearance"
  • Dmitry Travin (EUSP) "Shakespeare as a Sociologist"

4:30-5:00pm Coffee break

5:00-6:20pm Evening session


  • Inna Nekrasova (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "French Theater of the 18th Century on the Approaches to Shakespeare's Tragedy"
  • Olga Markaryan (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "Shakespeare as a Starting point in the Changing Theory of Tragedy: Germany, Late 18th–Early 19th Century"
  • Tatiana Tkach (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "Looking for the First studio and MHAT-2 in Shakespeare's Space: From Joy of the Game to the Model of Creation"
  • Maksim Gudkov (SPbU) "'What’s Shakespeare to them?': Experience of the American Group Theatre"

6:20-6:30pm Coffee break

6:30-8:00pm Evening session


  • Adhaar Noor Desai (Bard College, USA) "Shakespeare. The Art of Re-reading"
  • Danila Korogodsky (Theater Pokoleniy) "How I directed plays by William Shakespeare and how William Shakespeare directed me"
  • Ekaterina Tkacheva (St.Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences) "Interpretation of Shakespeare's Plays in German Theater of 1910-1930s"
  • Orlin Stefanov (Union of Bulgarian Scholars, Bulgaria) "Theater of Polonius? Or, Theatre of Hamlet!"

November 30

10:00-12:00am Morning session


  • Olga Dzhumaylo (Southern Federal University) "Mirror poetics: Metatextual 'Hamlet' (2000) by Michael Almereyda"
  • Zhamila Dvinyatina (SPbU) "Unfilmable Shakespeare"
  • Elena Dotsenko (Ural State Pedagogical University) "‘Shakespeare's' Screenplays by Tom Stoppard'

12:00-12:30pm Coffee break

12:30-4:00pm Afternoon session

Fine Arts

  • Geoff Lehman (Bard College, Germany) "Shakespeare's Phenomenology of Perspective"
  • Nikolay Zakharov (Moscow University for the Humanities) "Portrait Images of Shakespeare"
  • Ivan Chechot (SPbU) "The History of German Annexation of Shakespeare. Julius Langbehn"
  • Maria Chernysheva (SPbU) "Shakespeare's Significance for the French Romantic Painters Psychoanalysis"


  • Nina Savchenkova (SPbU) "The problem of Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Shakespeare's Works"


  • Elena Khodorkovskaya (SPbU) "'Shakespeare' as a Concept of Critical Music Discourse in Romantic Era"
  • Nadezhda Markaryan (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky's Symphonic Style"

4:15-5:30pm Gala dinner