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Art and Politics

Roundtable discussion "Art and Politics (Walter Benjamin's Legacy)" within the framework of "Critique of the Social Sciences and Humanities" Seminar in conjunction with "Human Rights" Seminar (58-60 Galernaya Street).


3:30-4:30pm Panel 1 (Student Panel). Moderator: Denis Skopin (SPbSU). Language: Russian

  • Valentin Golev (SPbSU) "Overcoming Philology: Benjamin Defends 'Baudelaire' before Adorno"
  • Anastasia Bergalevich (SPbSU) "What is 'Aura' by W.Benjamin? Elucidation Through the Concept of 'Double Distance' by G.Didi-Huberman"
  • Anastasia Rykshina (SPbSU) "Benjamin and Bataille : Intersection of French and German Discourses, Biographic and Conceptual Relationships Between Two Thinkers"

4:30-5:00pm Lunch

5:00-6:15 Panel 2. Moderator: Victor Kaplun (SPbSU, National Research University "Higher School of Economics")Language: English, with simultaneous translation into Russian

  • Susan Gillespie (Bard College, USA) "Prescience and Prediction. Walter Benjamin's Media Dialectics and the US Presidential Election of 2016"
  • Aaron Levy (University of Pennsylvania, USA) "Straying: Surviving on the Margins"
  • Artemy Magun (SPbSU, EUSP) "From Critique of Violence to the Concept of History: Benjamin’s Analytics of Negativity"

6:15-6:30pm Coffee Break

6:30-8:00 Panel 3. Moderator: Victor Kaplun (SPbSU, National Research University "Higher School of Economics"). Language: French, with simultaneous translation into Russian

  • Jean-Louis Déotte (Paris 8 University, France) "Benjamin and the 'Paradox of the Sock'"
  • Denis Skopin (SPbSU) "Communal Apartments and Museums in 'Moscow Diary': Political Aspects"
  • Sergey Fokin (SPbSU, St.Petersburg State University of Economics) "Benjamin’s Criticism of Max Weber: On the Religious Structure of Capitalism"
  • Sophie-Aurore Roussel (University Nice Sophia Antipolis) "Theater: A Political 'Apparatus'"

8:00-9:00pm Reception

16 december

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