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Cinema and Capital

International Сonference "Cinema and Capital" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Program Committee

  • Aleksei Artamonov (Saint Petersburg)
  • Anjelika Artyukh (SPbSU)
  • Zhamila Dvinyatina (SPbSU)
  • Mladen Dolar (Jan Van Eyck Academie)
  • Andrei Gornykh (European Humanities University)
  • Aleksei Kudrin (SPbSU)
  • Vitaly Kurennoj (Higher School of Economics)
  • Victor Mazin (SPbSU)
  • Aleksander Pavlov (Higher School of Economics)
  • Aleksander Pogrebnyak (SPbSU)
  • Danila Raskov (SPbSU)
  • Nina Savchenkova (SPbSU)
  • Konstantin Shavlovsky (Saint Petersburg)

In his monumental two-volume book "Cinema" Gilles Deleuze explains the most important event in the history of cinema – the transition from the "image-movement" to "image-time" – using the famous expression by Marx, depicting the process of capital formation. This was not accidental, since cinema is associated with the capitalist economy on many levels – it's not just that the filmmaking process has its costs and may result in loss or profit, and not even that movies portray and interpret economy, justifying or criticizing its various aspects; it is that cinema (fiction, documentary, animation) and capital (industrial, financial, symbolic, human) form a common system, in which modern society – its economy, politics, culture – is represented most fully, in all its specifics and contradictions.

Languages of the Conference: English and Russian.


May 26, Friday

09:00-09:40am The registration starts

09:40-10:00am Conference Opening (room 152)

  • Danila Raskov (SPbSU)
  • Alexander Pogrebnyak (SPbSU)

10:00-11:30am Morning Session Moderator: Danila Raskov (room 152)

  • Oleg Aronson (Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences) "From the Photogeny of Poverty to the Kinogeny of Money"
  • Nina Savchenkova (SPbSU) "Excess and Scarcity in the Cinematic Experience: The Position of the Author as a Formative Principle"

11:30-12:00am Refreshment Break

12:00-2:00pm Parallel Sessions 1

А 1. Cinema and Capital: Political Economy or Psychoanalysis? Moderator: Victor Mazin (room 152)

  • Valeriya Petrenko (National Research Tomsk State University) "'Cinematographic' Subject and His Phantasm: The Economy of Desire and Consumption"
  • Victor Mazin (SPbSU) "Cinematic Time and Industrialization of the Ideological Phantasm"
  • Dmitry Golynko (St.Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television) "Capitalist Realism and Its Alternatives: Visual Models of the End of History and the End of Capitalism in Contemporary Cinema"
  • Alexander Kechik (SPbSU) "Representation of Capitalism and Consumerism in David Cronenberg's Movies"
  • Nina Koll (Utrecht University, Nederland) "The Affective Economies of Staging Participation in the Cinema"

B 1. Film Industry Today: The Environment and the Production Process. (room 154) Moderator: Elena Kaschenko

  • Ivan Blagikh (SPbSU) "Cinema as Business and Politics"
  • Alexandra Veselova (SPbSU) "The Functioning of an Author-Brand in the Contemporary American Cinema: Terrence Malick's Case"
  • Elena Kaschenko (SPbSU) "Producers or Authors? The Final Comment to the 'Zolotoy Orel' Prize (Moscow, January 2017)"
  • Ksenia Pevzner (SPbSU) "TV Series as a Relevant Format of Modern Popular Culture"
  • Anna Gudkova (Moscow) "'Success' and 'Money' in Contemporary Russian Cinema"
  • Irina Martyanova (St. Petersburg, AI Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University) "Film Director vs. Producer: A.Zvyagintsev and A.Rodnyansky"
  • Tatyana Lukicheva (SPbSU) "The Choice of Marketing Communications Channels and Digital Tools to Promote Films in the Russian Market"

C 1. Economics and Aesthetics of Cinema (Part 1) Moderator: Zhamila Dvinyatina (room 155)

  • Olga Davydova (SPbSU) "Towards the Aesthetic of a Moving Image: Cinematic Motion, Space and Time in Jean Epstein's Film Theory"
  • Ekaterina Kulinicheva (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) "Costumes and Fashion Brands in Films: On the Economics and Aesthetics of Cinema and Cinematic Images"
  • Vladimir Kozlovsky, Polina Zinovieva (SPbSU) "Body Aesthetics in Contemporary Russian Remakes"
  • Mikhail Zakharov (Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Moscow) "Blood Bank: The Economy of Vision in Brian De Palma's Passion"
  • Vladimir Ignatyev (Novosibirsk State Technical University) "Cinematography as a Technology of Myth"

D 1. Soviet and Foreign Filmmaking – History and Heritage of the Alternative Models (Part 1) Moderator: Alexey Artamonov (room 144)

  • Maria Terekhova (State Museum of the History of St.Petersburg) "Alexander III's Pants Starring in Soviet Movies: Nationalized Costumes in Historic Movies of Sevzapkino Film Studio"
  • Olga Volchek (SPbSU) "War and the Germans: The Golden Age of French Cinema under the Оccupation (1940-1944)"
  • Olga Lazareva (SPbGIC) "Key Features of the TV-Series Production in the Republic of Korea"

Е 1. Marx and Cinema (Part 1) Moderator: Aleksandr Pogrebnyak (room 412)

  • Kirill Adibekov (Moscow) "The Three Stooges: Marx, Vertov, Godard"
  • Nikolay Margiev (SPbSU) "Unmastered 'Capital' of Sergei Eisenstein"
  • Yaroslav Gradil; Darina Polikarpova (SPbSU) "'Who framed Karl Marx?': Neo-Marxism and Contemporary Film Studies"
  • Alexey Pryakhin (The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) "Revolution in Cinema and Cinema In Revolution. Ties between 'The Most Important Of Arts' And Society in Periods of Radical Change"
  • Polina Khanova (Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences) "Representation of Class Conflict in Seven Samurai (1954), The Magnificent Seven (1960) and The Magnificent Seven (2016)"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-4:00pm Afternoon Session Moderator: Anna Gudkova (room 152)

  • Oleg Berezin (Saint Petersburg) "The Economic Situation of the Modern Film Industry in the Context of the Cyclical Development of the Cinematography Industry"
  • Victor Skubey (Moscow) "Author's Documentary: Financing and Distribution"

4:00-4:30pm Break

4:30-6:00pm Parallel Sessions 2

А 2. Film Industry and Global CapitalModerator: Oleg Berezin (room 152)

  • Oulia Makkonen (The University of Helsinki) "Christian Scripture as Script: Neo-Orientalism, Universalism or Re-Appropriation. A Study of Transnational Coproduction and Biblical Text Adaptation in Malian Film La Genese (Genesis, 1999)"
  • Anastasia Senokosova (Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg) "Walter Shpisa's Films: Ethnographic Research and the Stimulation of the Economy of Bali (Indonesia) In the 1930s"
  • Darya Pushkina (SPbSU) "International Security in the Contemporary Films of Armed Conflict"
  • Dmitry Ivanov (SPbSU) "The 'Oscar' Awards: From Manifestation of Hollywood Glamour to Business Model for Glam-Capitalism"

B 2. Ethical and Religious Aspects in CinematographyModerator: Sergey Lukin (room 154)

  • Konstantin Golubev (Belarusian State Economic University) "Gordon Gekko and Marketing Ethics in the Era of Financial Capitalism"
  • Sergei Lukin (Belarusian State University) "Ethical and Economic Aspects of Message in Color from the Authors of 'Wizard of Oz'"
  • Pavel Lysakov (SPbSU) "Robert Bresson's Pickpocket: Money, Cinema And Dostoevsky"

C 2. Economics and Aesthetics of Cinema (Part 2) Moderator: Zhamila Dvinyatina (room 155)

  • Ksenia Kapelchuk (The Sociological Institute of the RAS) "Movement, Time, Machine: The Problem of the Film Image"
  • Zhamila Dvinyatina (SPbSU) "Housing Problem in the Soviet Cinema of the 1930s: the Case of a Professor's Apartment"
  • Stanislav Savitsky (SPbSU) "Viscount and Viscountess de Noailles – the Patrons of the Avant-Garde (About the 'Golden Age' By Luis Bunuel)"
  • Anton Bubnovsky (Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok) "Economics and the Economy of Visual Image"

D 2. Soviet and Foreign Filmmaking – History and Heritage of the Alternative Models (Part 2) Moderator: Alexey Artamonov (room 144)

  • Svetlana Semenchuk (St.Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television) "The Experimental Creative Union: The Experience of the Market Economy in the USSR in 1960-1970's"
  • Denis Khryukin (St.Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television) "Crisis Economic Parameters of the Functioning of the Soviet Cinema of 1968-1985 and their Importance in Transformation of the Russian Film Industry"
  • Ivan Golovnev, Elena Golovneva (Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg) "The Culturfilm in the USSR: The Ethnocultural Heritage and the Propaganda"

Е 2. Marx and Cinema (Part 2) Moderator: Aleksandr Pogrebnyak (room 412)

  • Alexander Pogrebnyak (SPbSU) "Capital: Speed and Memory (Gilles Deleuze Watches Orson Welles)"
  • Alexander Ogarkov (St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design) "Capitalism is Impossible Without the Cinema"
  • Maria Rakhmaninova (St.Petersburg Mining University) "A Family as a Subject of the Reflection about Capitalism in the Classical XXth Century Cinematograph"

6:00-6:10pm Break

6:10-7:30pm Evening Session Moderator: Alexander Pavlov (room 152)

  • Lorenzo Chiesa (University of Genova, Italy) "Giuseppe De Santis's Bitter Rice: A Communist Musical?"
  • Elena Vogman (Free University of Berlin, Germany) "Marx's Metamorphosis and Eisenstein's 'Capital'"

May 27, Saturday

10:00-11:30am Morning Session Moderator: Aleksandr Pogrebnyak (room 152)

  • Andrei Gornikh (European Humanities University, Lithuania) "Capital Movement and 'Moving Pictures': On the Genealogy of Cinema"
  • Vyacheslav Kornev (The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications) "Capital as a Movie Character"

11:30-12:00am Refreshment Break

12:00-2:00pm Afternoon Session. Moderator: Nina Savchenkova (room 152)

  • Sergei Kropotov (Ural State Economic University, Yekaterinburg) "City of the 'Crystals of Time' (Deleuze) in 'The Land of Oz' Film by Vasiliy Sigarev"
  • Yuri Tulupenko (The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) "Kenneth Boulding: The Economy as a Movie"
  • Vitaliy Kurennoy (Higher School of Economics) "The Past as a Resource for Cinematography"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-4:30pm Parallel Sessions 3

А 3. Food, Cinema and CapitalModerator: Yuri Veselov (room 152)

  • Stefano Magagnoli (University of Parma) "From the War Hunger to the 'Grande Bouffe'. The Representation of Food in the Italian Movies since 1945 to Now"
  • Olga Nikiforova (SPbSU) "The Reinstatement of Values through Food Practices (the Study of Russian movies)"
  • Yury Veselov, Olga Taranova (SPbSU) "Eating and Drinking Together: Building Social Capital and Trust through the Repast in the Leonid Gaidai's Comedies"
  • Jin Junkai (SPbSU), Liu Zhengyu (Institute for Cultural and Social Research Sokendai, Japan) "The Critique and Recovery of Cultural Identity. Chinese Food Culture in the Movie 'A bite of China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year'"

B 3. Economics of Filmmaking: Practical Problems and Their Solutions (Part 1) Moderator: Denis Kadochnikov (room 154)

  • Pavel Danilov, Alexander Evmenov (St.Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television) "Comparative Effectiveness of State Support for Cinematography Abroad"
  • Andrey Yushkov, Lev Savulkin, Nina Oding (Saint Petersburg) "Financing of Cinema in Russian Regions: How Much and Why?"
  • Sergey Reshetin (Moscow) "Creating an Artificial Deficit as the Main Principle of the Economy of Film Festivals"

C 3. Russian Economy in Cinematography (Part 1) Moderator: Alexei Artamonov (room 155)

  • Maria Vorobyova (Ural State Economic University, Yekaterinburg) "'Easy Money', Wheeler-Dealers, Accidental Victims: Wealth and the Rich in the Soviet Cinema of 'Zastoy' Period"
  • Irina Basalaeva (Kemerovo State University, Novokuznetsk) "(Non) Complex Trajectories of the Post-Soviet Cinema about Siberia"
  • Yaroslavna Shiryaeva (Saint Petersburg) "Soviet Economy and Its Future in the Movie 'Beware of a Car'"
  • Andrei Zaostrovtsev (Higher School of Economics) "The movie 'Leviathan' as the Political Economy of Modern Russia"

D 3. Projects of the Future: Utopia and Dystopia in Cinema (Part 1) Moderator: Grigory Tulchinsky (room 144)

  • Grigory Tulchinsky (Higher School of Economics) "Cinema as Anamnesis of the Social Conceptual Capital of the Mass Consumption Society (From Utopia – to the Loss of the Future and to the Horrorization)"
  • Yakov Lurye (Aalto University, Helsinki) "Through the Thorns of Crimea to the Stars of Birobidzhan: Two Resettlement Utopias in Soviet Propaganda Cinema"
  • Natalia Marievskaya (Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Moscow) "Utopian Panopticon Pattern throughout Film Space (Ulrich Seidl's, Michael Haneke's, Alex van Warmerdam's, Yorgos Lanthimos's Films as Examples)"

E 3. Gift and Waste, Excess and Poverty in Cinema (Part 1) Moderator: Nina Savchenkova (room 412)

  • Ksenia Ilyina (SPbSU) "Money and its Symbolism in Films by Dardenn Brothers"
  • Irina Golovacheva (SPbSU) "Spending, Saving and Drinking: Three Bases of Henry Koster's Comedy"
  • Maria Gribova (SPbSU) "Spectator's Blindness and Hypotyposis of Cinema"
  • Yulia Popova (SPbSU) "The Capitalization of Death in Contemporary Cinema"

4:30-4:40pm Break

4:40-6:10 Parallel Sessions 4

A 4. Gift and Waste, Excess and Poverty in Cinema (Part 2) Moderator: Nina Savchenkova (room 152)

  • Olga Kirillova (SPbSU) "Nastasya Filippowna's Capitalization after K.Marx and J.Deleuze (Based on Dostoevsky's Filmings)"
  • Alexey Bocharov "Poverty in Cinema: Experience Analysis"
  • Victor Nepsha (SPbSU) "The Bourgeois and the Non-Possessors of the Soviet Cinema in 1960-70s: The Case of a Geologist"
  • Lyubov Bugaeva (SPbSU) "Revolution and Consumption: 'Duet for Cannibals'"

B 4. Economics of Filmmaking: Practical Problems and Their Solutions (Part 2) Moderator: Anton Berezutsky (room 154)

  • Elena Zhbankova (Moscow State University) "Domestic Capital versus Foreign One in the Russian Pre-Revolutionary Cinema Production"
  • Denis Kadochnikov (SPbSU) "Cinema and the Symbolic Capital of a Territory"
  • Anton Berezutsky (SPbSU) "A New Generation of Independent Cinema Directors at Hollywood's Service"

C 4. Russian Economy in Cinematography (Part 2) Moderator: Alexei Artamonov (room 155)

  • Alexander Dubyansky (SPbSU) "The Ideological Role of Television Series in Russia"
  • Elena Nekrasova (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) "Pierre Bourdieu and Russian cinema. Analysis of Social"
  • Denis Saltykov (Higher School of Economics) "'Not about Politics': Director's Symbolic Capital in Russian Author Cinema"

D 4. Projects of the Future: Utopia and Dystopia in Cinema (Part 2) Moderator: Danila Raskov (room 144)

  • Tatyana Martynenko (Moscow State University) "The Image of Social Inequality in Dystopian Movies in the Early 21th Century"
  • Sergey Levin (Higher School of Economics) "Personal Identity and the Myth of Consumption"
  • Danila Raskov (SPbSU) "Utopia in Film: The Story of One Failure (Albidum, 1928)"

E 4. Economics of Film DistributionModerator: Alisa Nasrtdinova (room 412)

  • Oksana Maistat (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany) "Advertising and the Perception of the Soviet Post-Revolutionary Cinema in Germany"
  • Kristina Tanis (European University at St.Petersburg) "Trophy Films in the Context of Soviet-American Strategies of Film Exports in the 1940s and 1950s"
  • Eugene Gindilis (Moscow) "An Independent Producer in Contemporary Russian Film Industry: The Choice between Success and Bankruptcy"
  • Yuri Yashnikov (Irkutsk) "Regional Cinema in Contemporary Russia. The Production And Distribution"

6:10-6:30 Break

6:30-7:30 Evening Session. Moderator: Sergei Kropotov (room 152)

  • Alexandr Pavlov (Higher School of Economics) "How is Capitalism Represented in Cinema?"
  • Elisa Cuter (University of Turin, Italy; Free University of Berlin, Germany) "Automatic Subject, Character Mask, and Robots – Artificial Intelligence as a Representation of Technology's Paradox in Post-Industrial Capitalism"