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Cinema and Capital

The Sixth International Сonference "Cinema and Capital"

Program Committee

  • Aleksei Artamonov (Saint Petersburg)
  • Anjelika Artyukh (SPbSU)
  • Zhamila Dvinyatina (SPbSU)
  • Mladen Dolar (Jan Van Eyck Academie)
  • Andrei Gornykh (European Humanities University)
  • Aleksei Kudrin (SPbSU)
  • Vitaly Kurennoj (Higher School of Economics)
  • Victor Mazin (SPbSU)
  • Aleksander Pavlov (Higher School of Economics)
  • Aleksander Pogrebnyak (SPbSU)
  • Danila Raskov (SPbSU)
  • Nina Savchenkova (SPbSU)
  • Konstantin Shavlovsky (Saint Petersburg)

In his monumental two-volume book "Cinema" Gilles Deleuze explains the most important event in the history of cinema – the transition from the "image-movement" to "image-time" – using the famous expression by Marx, depicting the process of capital formation. This was not accidental, since cinema is associated with the capitalist economy on many levels – it's not just that the filmmaking process has its costs and may result in loss or profit, and not even that movies portray and interpret economy, justifying or criticizing its various aspects; it is that cinema (fiction, documentary, animation) and capital (industrial, financial, symbolic, human) form a common system, in which modern society – its economy, politics, culture – is represented most fully, in all its specifics and contradictions.

The conference participants are invited to discuss the following questions:
• Cinema and Capital: The Political Economy, or Psychoanalysis?
• Economics and Aesthetics of Cinema
• Economics of Cinematic Images
• Economics of Film Distribution
• Economics of Filmmaking: Practical Problems and Their Solutions
• Economy and Cinema: Is There an Elective Affinity?
• Film Critic as a Vocation and Profession
• Film Industry and Global Capital
• Film Industry Today: The Environment and Production Process
• Film Producer as a Vocation and Profession
• Gift and Waste, Excess and Poverty in Movies
• Is Anti-capitalist Film Possible?
• Marx and Cinema
• Projects of the Future: Utopia and Dystopia in Movies
• Reflections of the Economy in Cinema
• Soviet and Foreign Filmmaking – History and Heritage of the Alternative Models

The conference speakers include economists, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, cinema scholars, and everyone who loves cinema and wants to talk and listen about it.
Abstracts of the conference presentations will be published. A collection of articles will also be published jointly with the publisher "Seans" and the next issue of the Almanac of the Center for the Study of Economic Culture (joint project with the publishing house of Gaidar Institute) will be dedicated to the issues of capital and cinema.

• The abstract must include: name, academic degree, author’s position and affiliation, title of the report, the text of the abstract. The abstract’s length should be about 2,000 characters.
• Please e-mail your abstracts to csec@smolny.org.
• The file should be named as follows: last name_report title
• Deadline for submission of abstracts — February 10, 2017
• Authors will be informed about acceptance or rejection of abstracts prior to March 10, 2017

The conference organizers welcome proposals for the organization of sessions with a description of the session and suggestions regarding 3-4 reports.

Languages of the Conference: English and Russian.