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Civil Society in the 21st Century

Roundtable discussion "Civil Society in the 21st Century" within the framework of "Critique of the Social Sciences and Humanities" Seminar in conjunction with "Human Rights" Seminar (58-60 Galernaya Street).

May 30. "Civil Society and the Neo-Liberal Turn"

10:30-11:00am Registration, welcome-coffee

11:00-11:15am Opening, Greetings

11:15-2:00pm Plenary Session

  • Jean Cohen (Columbia University, USA) "Populism, Civil Society and Religion"
  • Andrew Arato (New School, USA) "The US Constitution, Civil Society and Federalism after Trump"

2:00-3:00pm Lunch

3:00-5:00pm Session 1.

  • Carine Clement (SPbSU) "Is the Concept of Civil Society Helpful to Understand Russian Politics?"
  • Oleg Kharkhordin (European University at St.Petersburg) "Civil Society and Orthodox Christianity: The Fate of A Hypothesis 20 Years Later"
  • Elena Belokurova (SPbSU) "Neo-Liberal and Conservative Challenges for Civil Society: Perspective of Civil Society Organizations"

5:00-5:30pm Coffee-break

5:30-7:00pm Session 2.

  • Aleksander Filippov (Higher School of Economics) "TBA"
  • Greg Yudin (Higher School of Economics) "Respect and Despise: Hegel's Theory of Public Opinion"

7:00-9:00pm Reception

May 31. "Sovereignty and International Law in the Changing World"

10:30-12:00am Session 1.

  • Artemy Magun (SPbSU) "The Relevance of Sovereignty"
  • Fyodor Lukyanov (Higher School of Economics) "Regain Сontrol: New Fashion in International Politics and Future of the World Order"

12:00-12:30pm Coffee-break

12:30-2:30pm Session 2.

  • Evgeny Roshchin (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow) "Sovereignty and Friendship"
  • Olga Bashkina (University of Leuven, Belgium) "Two Sides of Sovereignty: Popular vs. National"
  • Bas Leijssenaar (University of Leuven, Belgium) "Democratic Legitimacy: Constituent Power Beyond the State"

2:30-3:30 Lunch

3:30-5:30pm Roundtable: How to Conceive a Non-Repressive Sovereignty?

Participants: Andrew Arato, Carine Clement, Jean Cohen, Artemy Magun, Oleg Kharkhordin, Victor Pleskachevsky.

5:30-6:00pm Coffee-break