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Art in the Global World

Presentation by Eric de Chassey (National Institute for Art History, France) "Art in the Global World: 'The End of Painting: From Rodchenko to Conceptualism'" within the framework of the "Economics and Culture" Seminar in conjunction with the framework of the Seminar "Literature as an Experience and a Problem" (58-60 Galernaya Street).

Eric de Chassey, born in Pittsburgh (USA) in 1965, is an art historian: he is the Director of the French National Institute of Art History (INHA), in Paris (since 2016), and Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at the Ecole normale superieure in Lyon, France (since 2012). He was the Director of the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici between 2009 and 2015, where he organized and curated a residency program for artists from all fields as well as exhibitions, concerts, a cinema and literature program, and conferences and lectures in art history and philosophy. 

He has published extensively on the work of Matisse, US art and transatlantic cultural relationships, abstraction in the 20th and 21st centuries, photography, and the visual culture of the second half of the 20th century. His books include : L’abstraction avec ou sans raisons (Gallimard, 2017); Pour l’histoire de l’art (Actes Sud, 2011); Marcia Hafif, Italian Paintings 1961-1969 (Mamco, 2010); Philippe Gronon (Mamco, 2010). Apres la fin. Suspensions et reprises de la peinture dans les annees 1960 et 1970 is published this fall by Kliencksieck.

He has also curated numerous exhibitions, accompanied by publications, including Jean-Luc Moulene. Il etait une fois (Rome, 2015); Andrzej Wroblewski, Verso/Reverso (Warsaw, Madrid, 2015); Painting or How to Get Rid of It (Rome, 2014) ; Djamel Tatah (Algiers, Saint-Paul de Vence, 2013); Soulages XXIe siecle (Lyon, Rome, 2012-13); Jean-Marc Bustamante (Pieter Saenredam) – Villa Medici (Rome, 2012); Eric Poitevin (Rome, 2012); Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, "Live & Obscure" (Rome, 2011); Les sujets de l’abstraction (Geneva, Montpellier, 2011-12); Europunk: The Visual Culture of Punk in Europe, 1976-1980 (Rome, Geneva, Charleroi, Paris, 2010-2013) and others. He is currently preparing, with Philippe Artieres, an exhibition on the visual culture of the political extreme left in France at the turn of the 1970s (Images en lutte, Beaux-arts de Paris, 2018).