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Night Whites 2018

The Fouth St.Petersburg Winter Workshop on Experimental Studies of Speech and Language dedicated to studying the mysteries of human language function (58-60 Galernaya Street)

The talks and posters focus on topics broadly defined as experimental studies of human language including (but not limited to) psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, computational modelling of linguistic processes, neuropsychology, experimental phonetics, etc. The keynote lectures will be given by:

  • Viktor Kuperman (McMaster University)
  • Giacomo Rizzolatti (University of Parma)
  • Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells (University of Barcelona)
  • Gabriella Vigliocco (University College London)

As can be seen from the programme, this workshop is bringing together researchers working on language for an event that transcends disciplinary boundaries to give a snapshot of the current state-of-the-art in this diverse field and encourage new contacts, ideas and collaborations.


February 26

9:00-9:20am Registration

9:20-9:35am Opening remarks by Tatiana Chernigovskaya

9:35-10:35am Keynote lecture 1. Gabriella Vigliocco "Iconicity as a Bridge Between Language and the World"

10:35-11:00am Coffee break

11:00-12:40pm Session 1

  • Viktor Anisimov, Aleksander Latanov "Interactive Analysis of Syntactic Disambiguation During Reading in Russian"
  • Marie Arsalidou "Orthographic Manipulations and Word Reading"
  • Fernando Cuetos, Beatriz Bermudez-Margaretto, Yury Shtyrov "Brain Dynamics During Online Lexicalisation of Novel Written Words: Influence of Phonological and Semantic Factors"
  • Raymond Bertram, Rosa Salmela, Minna Lehtonen, Seppo Vainio "How Finnish Morphology Confuses the L2-Speaker"

12:40-2:20pm Poster session 1 and lunch

2:20-4:00pm Session 2

  • Chiara Bonsignori, Josep Demestre "Cross-language Activation in Deaf LIS (Italian Sign Language)–Italian Bilinguals"
  • Chrabaszcz Anna, Valeria Demareva, Yulia Edeleva "Processing Russian Heteronyms in Sentential Context: The Role of Case Morphology and Sentence Structure"
  • Anna Chrabaszcz, Kira Gor, Maksim Kireev, Aleksander Korotkov, Svyatoslav Medvedev "Inflection and Case are Differently Represented in the Brain: An fMRI Study of the Recognition of Case-Inflected Nouns"
  • Dorothee Hoppe, van Jacolien Rij, Michael Ramscar "Before or After? The Position of Grammatical Category Markers Triggers Different Learning Processes"

4:00-4:25pm Coffee break

4:25-5:40pm Session 3

  • Ingunn Indridadottir "Weight Effects and Variation in Word Order in Icelandic and Faroese"
  • Aleksandra Evdokimova, Olga Fedorova, Andrey Kibrik "Speaking and Listening in Face-to-face Multichannel Communication"
  • Anastasia Klimovich-Gray, Elisabeth Fonteneau, William Marslen-Wilson "Predictive Processing in Russian: Evidence from EMEG"

5:40-6:00pm Short break

6:00-7:00pm Keynote lecture 2. Giacomo Rizzolatti "The Mirror Mechanisms of Brain: Past, Present and Future"

7:00-8:30pm Reception

February 27

9:15-10:15am Keynote lecture 3. Viktor Kuperman "Word Learning and Word Representation"

10:15-10:40am Coffee break

10:40-12:20pm Session 4

  • Ulyana Kochetkova "Articulatory Changes due to the Musical Performance Situation: Evidence from French Lyric Singing"
  • Aleksander Kornev, Sergey Oganov "The Strategic Reading Brain Development: Eye-Tracking Study of Text Reading in Typically-Developing and Dyslexic Children"
  • Elizaveta Galperina, Olga Kruchinina "Age and Sex Difference in Brain Regions Functional Connectivity During Reading Russian and English Texts in Adolescents"
  • Viktor Kuperman, Aki Kyröläinen "It’s All About the Base: Age Effects on Morphological Processing"

12:20-2:00pm Poster session 2 and lunch

2:00-3:40pm Session 5

  • Olga Dragoy, Maria Khudyakova, Anna Laurinavichyute, Irina Sekerina "Reactivation of Syntactic Traces in the Visual World Paradigm?"
  • Olga Konstantinova, Veronika Prokopenya, Ekaterina Saenko "Factors Influencing Referential Choice: Cross-Linguistic Study and Neural-network Modeling"
  • Simay Ikier, Elcin Kilecioglu, Evren Raman, Ilhan Raman, Dilek Uzun, Sebnem Zeyveli "Is Free Recall in Pure vs Mixed Lists a Function of Orthographic Transparency? Evidence from Early and Late Acquired Pictures and Words" (The talk will be delivered by Evgenia Volkovyskaya)
  • Natalia Slioussar, Pavel Shilin "Gender and Declension in Agreement Processing"

3:40-4:05 Coffee break

4:05-5:20 Session 6

  • Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Maksim Kireev, Aleksander Korotkov, Svyatoslav Medvedev, Natalia Slioussar "Morphological Regularity and Processing Difficulty in a Lexical Decision fMRI Study on Russian"
  • Jana Häussler, Katja Suckow "How Interference Guides the Missing VP Effect in German"
  • Bahman Baluch, Ilhan Raman, Evgenia Volkovyskaya "Age of Acquisition (AoA) Effect in Monolingual Russian and Bilingual Russian (L1)–English (L2) Speakers in a Free Recall Task"

5:20-5:30pm Short break

5:30-6:30 Keynote lecture 4. Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells "The Intrinsic Reward of Language Learning"

6:30-6:45pm Conference closure