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Cold War  

Professor Aleksander Kubyshkin–on Cold War relations between Russia and the U.S.

The Scarlet & Black

I think that when American students come to Russia, they begin to lose some stereotypes. Of course, Russians have lots of stereotypes about the Americans and the American students have the same. …So when we discuss [the Cold War] in the Russian atmosphere, Americans notice that there are a lot of differences between the social order, the economic situation and cultural background. But they adapted to the Russian reality very quickly and so they became very open, honest and responsible. That’s why I think we have a very good basis for cooperation when studying about such sensitive problems in history, like the World War II and the Cold War period. Americans are very well informed about the war in the Pacific basin but very few know about the eastern front. The Russian students, on the contrary, know everything about Stalingrad and almost nothing about Midway and the Pacific islands. During the Cold War classes, we discuss the reasons why two countries sometimes do not understand the ideological roots, politics, business, cultural and religious traditions and it helps the students from both countries to understand each other better.

1 february