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For The Light  

The Sea of ​​Tranquility web portal–about the new musical project of Associate Professor of the Faculty Ivan Rozmansky.

Sea of ​​Tranquility

Rozmainsky Mikhaylov Project, or RMP for short, is a new Russian "supergroup" comprising four musicians from various prog-related Russian bands such as Yojo, Algabas, Enine, Roz Vitalis and KGB. Named in "honour" of the main composers in the outfit–keyboard player Ivan Rozmainsky and guitar player Vladimir Mikhaylov–their band's style is described as almost instrumental eclectic prog, combining avant, symphonic, psychedelic rock and improvisational music. The fundamental goal of the band and its debut album is to "open new musical worlds that cannot be analysed in the rational manner… The applied goal of the band and its debut album being to reveal how to protect peace of mind in the conditions of troubles and stress..." Possessing an ever evolving and often challenging personality that can then be split by more melodic passages and moments of less structured beauty, the strength of All The Light is also one of the major hurdles it asks you to overcome. If you can, you'll discover a collection of music with real depth and beauty.

4 march