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15 november

Bard College awarded Monakhov Valery

To emphasize the role of the founder of the first liberal arts program in Russia – the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (formerly–Smolny College) Valery Mikhailovich Monakhov, Bard College has decided to honor him with the "The John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service".

This award was established by Bard College to praise its recipients in developing new innovative educational and research projects as well as in creation and support of various civic initiatives aimed at social improvement.

The award is named in honor of an outstanding American philosopher and educator–John Dewey (1859-1952) who was the initiator of creating at the end of XIXth century a new school based on the principles of acknowledging students' interests and personal achievements. Dewey published over 1,000 works in philosophy, sociology, pedagogics and other disciplines during his lifetime.

Bard’s President Leon Botstein has thanked Valery Mikhailovich Monakhov on behalf of the College's students, faculty members, and staff for his steadfast vision, friendship, loyalty, and tenacity in introducing Russia’s first accredited liberal arts program, together with Bard.

As another of Bard's senior administrator, Vice-President and Dean for International Affairs and Civic Engagement, Jonathan Becker has pointed out during the award granting ceremony: "We admire your ability to solve problems, engender and sustain commitment, and work through the complex administrative challenges you once compared to a Rubik's Cube".