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Коты и кванты

Выступление профессора истории Геннадия Шкляревского (Бард колледж, США) «Коты и кванты: парадоксы познания и познаваемость окружающего мира».

The legacy of post-modernism is a renewed attention to the issues of knowledge production. Now that post-modernism is no longer in vogue, the emphasis is no longer of the «cursed» questions formulated by its adepts. The main issue in this debate is no longer whether it is possible to attain knowledge which corresponds to reality. Rather, the new set of questions addresses the issue of how we do this. The debate also broadened and involves a variety of disciplines that span the traditionally differentiated domains of sciences and humanities.

This paper seeks to make a contribution to this debate. Focusing on the problem of paradox, it relates this problem to the broader issue of knowledge production and the process of construction in general. It examines paradoxes in contemporary physics in their relation to the process of the construction of knowledge. The perspective that the paper offers focuses on the process of construction as a way of resolving problems related to these paradoxes. Viewed from this perspective, paradoxes no longer appear, as they usually do, to be indicators of limitations of human capacity to know, but rather they become powerful tools which help to make knowledge production more efficient.