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Since its founding as a the Arts and Humanities Program (Smolny College), the new educational program has received recognition as a promising center of both fundamental and applied research in interdisciplinary fields such as educational policy, contemporary educational technology, research methodology, theory and methods of liberal education, and the humanities and social sciences.

The academic activity of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences is designed to encourage interdisciplinary approaches that overcome the barriers between different academic fields; between the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; and between academics, culture, and social life. The Faculty supports the expansion of academic and creative collaboration between universities, academic and cultural institutions, professors, researchers, and the creative minds of St.Petersburg and Russia. Special attention is paid to introducing the Russian academic community to global academic developments.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences has assigned itself the following goals and tasks:

  • ensuring the interaction of research and education at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • introducing the newest developments in the fields of social sciences and the humanities to the Department's curriculum
  • integrating students and professors in an international intellectual space
  • encouraging creatively and methodologically oriented academic research projects that overcome both interdisciplinary barriers and the isolation of the research community from contemporary culture and public life
  • contributing to the reestablishment of research contacts with regional Russian universities
  • creating a genuinly international intellectual environment at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • creating conditions for the development of research collaboration between Faculty professors and researchers from abroad