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Center for Study of Civil Society and Human Rights

The purpose of the Center is to study civil society and human rights, as well as in the development of training programs covering human rights issues and civic participation

The Center's Objectives

The primary goal of the Center for Civil Society and Human Rights is to conduct research in the field of social sciences in regards to the current situation with civil society in Russia and the world, along with development of academic programs dealing with the problems of human rights and civic engagement both at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and other institutions of higher education.


  • To conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of human rights and civic participation
  • To form a comprehensive library for human rights and civil society
  • Resource support and methodological training of researchers and teachers working in the field of human rights and civil participation in Russia and abroad
  • To inform society about the achievements and problems in the field of advocacy of human rights, to establish a public forum for interaction between representatives of civil society and scholars

Research Fields

  • Research of history and theory of civil society and human rights
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of state policy in regards to potentially vulnerable social groups within the context of protecting social human rights
  • Social research of education in the field of human rights, including research of educational programs, projects in the field of civil education and human rights, which are implemented in Russia
  • Social and political research of social movements in modern Russia
  • Research of NGOs
  • Research of religious freedom- related issues in Russia
  • Research dealing with freedom of speech and self-expression,  justified and unjustified restrictions of it, monitoring of hate speech in Saint Petersburg (Internet monitoring in particular)
  • Research of the impact of social sciences and the humanities on the language used in Russian law and specifically upon cultural-diversity related legislation, protection of minorities' rights and other related issues
  • Human rights in Russian academic discourse