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"Smolny Collegium" Center

"Smolny Collegium" was created on the model of institutions of higher interdisciplinary research and is a new type of Russian academic structure.

To support fundamental and applied research and raise the level of academic excellence in the spheres of the humanities, arts, and social sciences, Smolny College founded Smolny Collegium.

Smolny Collegium was created in 2003, based on the model of existing interdisciplinary research institutions (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Collegium Budapest, and Collegiums in France). In Russia, the collegium is a completely new form of academic institution.

The Collegium invites both young researchers and established scholars from Russia and abroad, providing them with favorable conditions for work on academic projects. Through the Collegium, the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences aims to promote and improve mutual understanding between scholars form Russia, the former Soviet Union, the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, and the United States.