St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The architectural ensembles lining Petersburg's streets invariably delight the city's guests and residents with their appearance and historical value. The historical center of the city and its suburban palace and park complex are included on UNESCO's world heritage list.

St. Petersburg can certainly be called a student's city. You'll find it difficult to avoid student life in St. Petersburg. The annual Day of Firstyear Students, Interuniversity Intellectual Games Championships, and Festival of Amateur Student Creativity will help you share your talents. Student years are the brightest period in life, especially if they are spent in Petersburg.

St. Petersburg's unique atmosphere, its educational, scientific and research potential offers non-resident and international students great opportunities to learn more about the history of Russia, due to the availability of the collections of the Russian National Library and the Central State Archive, thus ensuring the young people are always updated on all events and everything that is going on in culture, art and science of Petersburg. Taking a degree program in St. Petersburg is a matter of prestige and reputation.

Tourists from all corners of the earth gather in St. Petersburg to see its celebrated artistic monuments, walk along the streets and canals of the Venice of the North, and connect with the city's history. The secret of St. Petersburg's draw can be found its harmonious combination of architectural styles, especially as reflected by the city’s rivers and canals.

Lovers of history and culture should remember that Petersburg is not only filled with large museums like the Russian Museum or the Hermitage, but also offers many small collections devoted to lesser-known aspects of Petersburg. The Mariinsky Theatre shares cultural space with institutions like the Youth Theatre on the Fontanka and The Alexandrinsky Theatre. After successfully handing in an exam, students can be found making their way to art-galleries or musical clubs.

Life in St. Petersburg is distinguished by a leisurely pace of life (especially in comparison to Moscow), a large selection of venues for spending free time, a severe climate, and open, benevolent residents. The city's unique geographical situation allows vacationers to lead excursions not only through some of Russia's oldest cities—Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Tikhvin-but also through the Baltic States and Scandinavia—Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Bobrinskiy palace where our Faculty is located is almost in the very heart of the city. A mere twenty minutes' walk along the Neva embankment, past the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the Admiralty,—and you find yourself on the Palace Square, near the Hermitage.

Nearly half a million students have already chosen a quality education of a European standard by building their future here in Petersburg.